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What Is Rekeying?

Alex Morris
What Is Rekeying?


Rekeying is a service that allows us to change the pins in your locks so that old keys no longer operate them. It’s usually much cheaper than replacing your locks and will give you an extra measure of security for your home or business.

Rekeying should be done any time you’re unsure about who has a copy of your key, when you move into a new house and worry about previous occupants, or after a break-in. Rekeying also works well if you’re sick of carrying around that hefty bundle of keys in your pocket or purse and want to have one key that opens all of your doors.

In addition, rekeying can be used in businesses to prevent ex-employees from gaining access to your company’s property and causing theft or criminal damage. This service can be done quickly and easily and is often covered under your American Home Shield home warranty plan. (See below) You can even rekey your locks without changing the lock itself.


With strikes dwindling, employers have turned increasingly to lockouts. Unlike a strike, which requires workers to withhold their labor, a lockout denies them access to the workplace until they agree to the company’s terms.

For employees, the effect of a lockout service can be devastating. While many workers can be eligible for unemployment benefits, they are still not paid for the time they’re not working, and they can’t collect pensions or healthcare.

Moreover, locked-out workers face uncertainty—they don’t know when they’ll be allowed back to work or what their future employment will look like. They are also unable to take part in organized protests or demonstrate in other ways that might help them win a fair contract.

The proliferation of lockouts represents management’s co-optation of one of labor’s most powerful tools, and it further skews workplace power in their favor. To rectify this imbalance, courts should take decisive action to stop using lockouts.

Lock Changes

Safes Rekey Service Berkeley can be a great option for improving your security, there are times when you will want to change out the lock completely. This can be done when rekeying isn’t possible, when locks are damaged, or when you want to upgrade your lock to a higher quality, more secure model.

Many people choose to change the locks on their new home as soon as they move in to ensure that any previous owners have no way of gaining access. This is also a good idea if you have recently experienced a break-in or lost your keys.

Commercial properties also benefit from a lock change service, as it prevents former employees from having the ability to return and gain entry. In addition, lock changes can be beneficial in the case of a business having to close up for renovation or after a divorce. We offer a range of business locking systems that can make it easy to rekey locks or reset keys for employees.

Alex Morris
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