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Common Rideshare Accident Lawsuits in Las Vegas

Freddy Gallardo
Common Rideshare Accident Lawsuits in Las Vegas

Ridesharing service apps have become very popular lately. These companies offer private transportation to client who requests it to any other place in the city.

However, the driver who transports the client is a private owner of his own vehicle who signs a temporary contract with the ridesharing company, so it would be worth asking what would happen if one of them involves us in an accident.

The way these companies operate is very simple:

The passenger uses the company's app to set the place where they will be picked up and their destination.

The company's computer system establishes a cost for each trip and alerts a nearby driver to look for the passenger.

After the passenger reaches their destination, the company deducts the agreed amount from the bank account.

This amount is distributed between the ridesharing company and the driver.

In recent years, ridesharing has revolutionized the way people get around town. Today, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft meet the demand of thousands of people daily and their popularity continues to grow. In 2018, for example, the percentage of use of both apps was 9.8% more than last year. By 2020, it is expected to be up 13.3%.

Although ridesharing alternatives are becoming more widely accepted and accessible, there is also the risk of unwanted contingencies occurring. For example, traffic accidents, injuries, and possible legal claims. When we get into the vehicle of a person we do not know, we expose ourselves to potential risk.

Although they are high-value services, they are not risk-free

Uber and Lyft offer different ridesharing services. These include customary ridesharing, carpool ridesharing, and premium service ridesharing. All of these have their advantages and potential risks depending on the class of driver offering the service. Some of the driver classes are as follows:

Professional drivers: They are usually the most qualified for the ridesharing service. They are known as Uber Black Drivers, but they cost more than regular drivers. The company warns that these drivers are safer when it comes to preventing traffic accidents.

Non-professional drivers: These are the drivers of Uber-X and Lyft. They are more affordable than the professionals, but also riskier. They drive vehicles that are more likely to commit traffic violations and cause traffic accidents. The company does not check all of its criminal records and its vehicles are not inspected very often.

Proponents of ridesharing services argue that one of the ways to improve traffic safety is to eliminate the presence of negligent drivers. However, recent research and studies have determined that ridesharing services are causing more accidents. It is estimated that each year these services generate an estimated $10 billion in economic losses and deaths:

According to Abogados de Accidentes Ahora en Las Vegas NV, accidents in cities with ridesharing services have increased between 2% and 4% each year.

One of the potential reasons for the increase in traffic accidents is that non-professional drivers are not sufficiently verified.

In addition, we found an element that experts call the “quantity effect”: When more cars and ridesharing services circulate, the chances of road accidents are greater.

The critical point is that Uber and Lyft accidents not only affect the passengers who buy these services but also pedestrians, cyclists, and other people on public roads.

What are the most common Uber and Lyft accident claims?

When Uber and Lyft customers decide to hire a ridesharing service, especially with non-professional drivers, they always put themselves at risk of having an accident.

The passenger does not know the driver and is not familiar with his driving skills. For this reason, he does not know if he is exposing himself to being the victim of an accident or a crime. Companies must be able to ban unqualified drivers since passengers trust their drivers based on merit alone. If companies can genuinely accredit their drivers with a safety certificate, it will be easier to prevent road accidents.

The most common lawsuits for Uber and Lyft accidents are the following:

  •     Broken bones
  •     Brain damage
  •     spinal cord injuries
  •     Head and neck injuries
  •     Internal Injury Lawsuit

In Las Vegas alone, more than 490,000 traffic accidents have been reported in the last four years.

Las Vegas is one of the most congested and trafficked states in the United States. It is estimated that more than 2,000 serious traffic accidents occur in Las Vegas in a year. Considering the crash numbers for Uber and Lyft, ridesharing services may be tied to a large portion of those metrics.

In the last four years, traffic accidents in Las Vegas have yielded eye-opening numbers: 3,842 deaths and 278,585 cases of personal injuries sustained in a traffic accident. In the national statistics of deaths caused by traffic accidents, only in Las Vegas, 12% of the total occurs. This state has also seen a 28% increase in the average number of deaths from traffic accidents since 2013.

Since Las Vegas is a state where car accidents are very common, we recommend that you consider retaining the services of an Uber and Lyft accident attorney.

Freddy Gallardo
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