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Pitching Warm-Up Exercises Now Available on Dominate the Diamond: A Great Aid for Baseball Players

Baseball Coaching
Pitching Warm-Up Exercises Now Available on Dominate the Diamond: A Great Aid for Baseball Players

Wednesday, 10 August 2023: Dominate The Diamond has come up with a new way to help baseball players which will especially prove helpful for pitchers. This bundle called the Arm Care, is designed to help pitching coaches with warm-up exercises.


"Pitchers usually suffer from sore arms and hence are looking for ways to get warmed-up before their matches. All they want is to keep their arms healthy, so they can perform better year after year. That is why we have come up with this course, Arm Care, that will help build strength and hence benefit not just the player, but also the team," says the specialist coach at Dominate the Diamond.


For pitchers, performing to their best potential is extremely important. And coaches across the world are looking to improve the physical health of their teams so as to get the desired results in competitive matches. This Arm Care course by Dominate the Diamond is the ideal solution in this context as it provides balance, strength, as well as conditioning to the specific areas of the hand.


Features Offered by this Course:


Better Balance: Upon properly following this Arm Care routine by Dominate the Diamond, players, and pitchers will experience a better balance in their body, especially the arms. Better balance brings with it a myriad of benefits, like decreased risk of injuries, better posture, and less back or arm pain.


Stronger Arms: When you perform the 8 Arm Activation exercises by Dominate the Diamond, your arms will gradually become strong, and you will be able to perform better on the field. These exercises focus on strengthening the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles, which are vital for a pitcher’s performance. The best part about these exercises is that they can be done easily, thanks to the guidance of the coach.


Conditioned Rotator Cuff: Pitchers rely on their rotator cuff and the surrounding muscle groups in their arms for a good performance. That is why it is essential to keep them conditioned. With this course, coaches will be able to take care of their players. Furthermore, with improved conditioning comes increased endurance and more power behind each action on the field.


Better Performance: The pitching warm-up exercises are the best way to improve your performance during matches. The exercises help to increase your strength, stability, and flexibility. Doing these pitching warm-up exercises can help improve your accuracy in pitches and give you a competitive edge on the field. Lastly, with improved performance comes increased confidence which is essential when playing baseball.


The Course


The Arm Care routine course by Dominate the Diamond is a free bundle, instructed by Youth Baseball Pitching Expert, Mike Nikorak. The course bundle comprises the following:


●    A warm-up routine video for pitchers and players that will help condition your muscles and free your joints

●    8 arm activation exercises that are ideal for ensuring balance, strength, injury prevention, and better performance

●    A Run & Get a Sweat Video that will further facilitate your overall health and keep you fit enough to perform in the field


Dominate the Diamond has this and many more video resources, especially for Softball and Baseball players. With these thorough guides, they aim to provide optimum care to players and also ensure their all-round development.


Led by Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak, Dominate the Diamond has been empowering parents, coaches, as well as players with their knowledge of the body and the mind of a youth player. With their decades of experience, this team has dedicated itself to the well-being of athletes, be it physical, mental, or emotional.


For more details, check out the official website https://www.dominatethediamond.com/armcare. You can also know more about them from their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube handles.

Baseball Coaching
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