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The Benefits of Dermapen Needling Treatment for the Skin

Lilly Isaacson
The Benefits of Dermapen Needling Treatment for the Skin

Are you battling with the early signs of aging such as wrinkles and lines? Then a good way to resolve them would be to opt for a Dermapen skin needling procedure. This skin treatment method uses your body’s natural healing abilities to enhance the texture of your skin. Clinics offering Dermapen skin needling in Sydney use minimally invasive techniques to remove all skin imperfections. Read on to learn more about the procedure here.

What is the DermaPen Skin Needling Procedure?

DermaPen is a highly effective skin micro-needling treatment that uses the skin’s natural

collagen production process for healing imperfections. It is a minimally invasive process that is ideal for treating scars, stretch marks, acne scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation. DermaPen skin needling is also used to rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance significantly. Skin specialists often use the procedure for reducing the common signs of aging.

How DermaPen skin needling process is different From Other Treatments?

One of the best things about DermaPen skin needling treatment is that it works with the natural healing and repairing mechanism of the body. This induces the production of collagen which repairs the imperfections of your facial skin. By adjusting the micro-fine needles to varying speeds and depths, skin specialists make fractional puncture channels over the dermatological layers. The micro-channels help to carry the Meso-Glides deep inside the skin, facilitating the healing nutrients. The Meso-Glides are serums used for healing specific types of skin anomalies.

When the Meso-Glides get deeply absorbed into the skin, they boost the production of

elastin and collagen, promoting youthful skin. You can also use DermaPen skin treatment for skin issues affecting other parts of the body. If you notice wrinkles on your neck, hands, or décolleté area, or you find sagging skin damaged by sun’s rays, you can use this treatment to achieve the desirable results.

Risks Associated with DermaPen Skin Needling Treatment

One of the best things about DermaPen skin needling treatment is that it is a safe and minimally invasive procedure. The DermaPen device used for the treatment has a precise design and it is handled by trained and experienced professionals. Skin specialists always apply topical anesthetic cream over the target area to reduce any signs of discomfort or pain. There can be some signs of swelling, mild redness, and sensitivity after the procedure. Such swelling and redness should go away in a couple of days.

Transforming Skin Texture with the DermaPen Treatment

The highly advanced features of the DermaPen device can transform the skin quality, giving it a youthful glow. This can work wonders for your personal and social lives. A healthy and beautiful skin will not only add elegance to your look but it will also increase your confidence, imparting body-positivity.

If you are planning to get DermaPen skin treatment in New South Wales, Australia, you should consider visiting the Urban Skin Clinic for the best experience. The clinic works with

the best team of skin specialists and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results for its clients.

Lilly Isaacson
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