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How to Schedule Instagram Posts

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Apart from connecting with loved ones, meeting new people, expressing your views, and sharing glimpses of your life marvelously, Instagram allows you to build your business and achieve success on a massive scale. Millions of people are discovering the power of Instagram and the phenomenal difference it is making in their business.

One of the smartest ways for you to make the most of this social media platform is to learn all the incredible things you can do to boost your business. Scheduling Instagram posts is one such strategy you can adopt to give your business an edge. Like millions of users, you can schedule all types of Instagram posts and reap rewarding benefits for your business.

 It is a time-saving hack that allows you to:

  • Concentrate on more productive business activities
  • Simplify intricate Instagram marketing activities
  • Streamline creating and sharing of content
  • Boost engagement
  • Expand your following

And more.

Tips to schedule Instagram posts

To begin with, do familiarize yourself with the different types of accounts/ profiles, which are as under:

  • Business 
  • Creator
  • Personal

Further, you start with scheduling Instagram posts; you need to use an Instagram scheduling tool. There are several tools/apps you can choose from to schedule Instagram posts. Some of these apps are

  • Hootsuite
  • Later
  • Buffer 
  • Onlypult
  • Semrush

Although Instagram scheduling apps have their own set of features and functions, the following steps are generally common to most of them. Follow the steps given below while adhering to some unique functions of the app you use for scheduling your posts on Instagram.

  • Create an account in the app you choose.
  • Link your Instagram account to the app. (You can also convert your account to a business profile, else you may go ahead with other profiles and proceed accordingly). 
  • If you are using an Instagram business profile, add it to your social media management platform. 
  • Upload the images and videos you wish to schedule (some apps let you edit the images too).
  • Write a good caption, add hashtags, emojis et al., and tag users if you can.
  • Schedule the post by clicking the requisite tab. You can choose whether you want to post right away, schedule a date and time for later or save it as a draft.
  • You can have a preview of your post before you hit the publish button. It will give you a clear idea about how your post will appear to your followers.

The procedure for different types of accounts mentioned above may differ in some respects. For instance, in an app like Hootsuite, you can convert your account into a business profile from a regular account. It is a time-saving procedure that is also easy to execute and also offers advantages.

Further, you can also link your Facebook business page to Hootsuite and several other apps, as it will facilitate more features and options to create the desired impact.

Scale Up Your Business. Schedule Instagram Posts to the Fullest

Pointers on how you can maximize the benefits of scheduling Instagram posts. 

  • Experts recommend that you create a pool of posts you’d like to upload in advance and keep them ready. You can keep creating posts as and when a great concept or idea springs up and make a collection.
  • Optimizing your posting time as per the presence of your followers online at a particular time also helps. You need to find out when a majority of your followers are online and start posting at that time. 
  • If you have opted for a business or creator profile on Instagram, you can use Facebook’s built-in Creator Studio to create and schedule Instagram posts from your computer desktop. 
  • Plan your Instagram feed accordingly, and then schedule your posts to polish it all off. 

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