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My Inheritance In Greece And How To Claim It?

My Inheritance In Greece And How To Claim It?

Inheriting assets and properties can be complicated in a country like Greece, especially for non-residents. This blog post aims to provide you with essential information on claiming your inheritance in Greece. Whether you’re a Greek citizen, a foreign resident with Greek heritage, or a national living abroad, this guide will help you understand the necessary steps. Read on to discover how to successfully claim your inheritance and ensure a smooth transition of assets.

Understanding Greek Inheritance Laws

In Greece, inheritance is primarily regulated by the Greek Civil Code. This code outlines the rights and obligations of beneficiaries and provides guidelines for the distribution of assets.

An integral part of Greek inheritance law is the acceptance of compelled heirship. This means certain beneficiaries, usually blood relatives like children or spouses, will receive a larger share of the estate. There is, however, room for discretionary distribution, allowing the testator to allocate a portion of their assets as they wish.

Identifying the Assets and Property

The first step in claiming an inheritance in Greece is determining the assets and property involved. This may include documents such as:

  • A copy of the death certificate of the deceased.
  • The will, if one exists.
  • The birth certificates of all potential heirs.
  • Marriage certificates, if applicable.
  • Documentation regarding any debts or liabilities of the deceased.

Additionally, you may need to provide documents related to the assets involved, such as property deeds or bank statements.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Given the complexity of Greek inheritance laws, seeking legal assistance is highly recommended. Professional legal advisors, particularly those experienced in Greek inheritance matters, can guide you. They will help you understand your rights, obligations, and the necessary paperwork to claim your inheritance.

Initiating the Claim

Once you have collected the necessary documents, the next step is to initiate the inheritance claim process. This involves submitting a formal request to the competent Greek court in the jurisdiction where the assets are located. Working with a legal professional is crucial during this stage, as they will guide you through the paperwork, ensure accurate translation of documents, and represent your interests throughout the proceedings.

Obtaining a certificate of inheritance

To officially claim the inheritance, you must obtain a certificate of inheritance from the Greek authorities. This certificate confirms your status as a beneficiary and grants you the legal right to access the assets.

Probate Procedure

In Greece, the probate procedure aims to establish the will’s validity (if available) and determine the legal heirs in case of intestacy. The court will review the documents and evidence provided, examine any potential challenges or disputes, and issue a judgment or decision on the inheritance distribution. The duration of the probate procedure may vary depending on the case’s complexity and the court’s workload.

Inheritance Taxation in Greece

Inheritance taxation is another crucial aspect when claiming your inheritance in Greece. The country imposes an inheritance tax on the value of the inherited assets. The tax rates and thresholds vary depending on the relationship between the heir and the deceased, as well as the value of the estate. Consulting with tax professionals specializing in Greek taxation laws is crucial to ensure compliance with all tax obligations.


Inheriting property in Greece is an exciting and potentially life-changing experience. However, understanding the legal procedures and navigating the complexities of Greek inheritance laws can be challenging. Seeking professional assistance at Peace-of-Mind Services can greatly simplify the process. By consulting with our experienced attorneys to gather the required documentation and follow the proper legal steps, you can successfully claim your inheritance and embark on a new chapter of your life in this captivating Mediterranean country.

Call us today at +30 210 6134 665 to make an appointment. Fill out the online contact form or if you prefer email us, and one of our Greek legal representatives will contact you according to your availability.

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