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Make an Event Successful by Using Webcasting & Live-Streaming Services

Shaikh Mayra
Make an Event Successful by Using Webcasting & Live-Streaming Services

Live-streaming of events has become very popular because it is convenient, easy, and gives a real-time experience. Event planners have been taking each and every event live over the internet with the help of live-streaming services. Because of the benefits, it can provide, such as wider reach, cost-effectiveness, increase brand recognition, and more. It is the most convenient way to reach the audience and give them an experience that they have missed or couldn't attend. And it is not necessary to always choose live-streaming, broadcasting and webcasting services are also the medium of showcasing the real-time feed through different mediums. Using them, any in-person event can be taken over the internet or broadcasting channels to make them hybrid.

In this blog, we will talk about how with the help of live-streaming services, you can make any event a success and leverage the benefits.

Make a Plan Before Using Live-Streaming Services

Before starting and looking for live-streaming services, you need to decide the purpose and goal of your stream. Whether you are promoting your brand, you need to increase your reach, or you are looking to attract sponsors. Or even it depends on the type of event you are hosting, if it's a small event with low attendance and your goal is specific you can choose webcast services. Moreover, during the planning, you need to determine some of the logistical details that can help you to successfully host your event. These are listed below

  • The location of the event, whether you need to make it a hybrid event or just host virtually.
  • Decide on the agenda of the event and how long will it last or whether will it occur in segments. Because live-streaming gives a totally different experience and if it lasts for hours then attendees can lose their interest.
  • Before hosting an event by using live-streaming services, make sure you know your targeted audience.

After deciding and planning the whole event and the purpose of it and getting a clear understanding of why you are hosting it, you can move to the next steps.

Choose the Right Streaming Software

In order to take your real-time event and broadcast it online to reach a wider audience, you will need to select the right streaming service. For example, if you have hosted an in-person event, and you need to take it online by using live-streaming, webcasting, or broadcasting service. It can be broadcasted over different platforms simultaneously. But you need to consider the following things when selecting the platform or service for your event.

  • If there are multiple sources for audio and video, then it is great.
  • Capabilities of adding backgrounds, graphics, music, captions, overlays, and more customizations.
  • Split screening system and other formats to accommodate.
  • Recording and editing of the streams

Pick Out the Suitable Streaming Platform

One of the most popular ways for live-streaming is through social media platforms that offer live-streaming services. Because they have a large audience base that can be in billions, it gives the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Social media platforms also offer the benefit of choosing from multiple platforms with different segments of the audience. This makes it easier for you to target your desired audience, as they can also act as a broadcasting service. 

Different social media platforms with different content and audience are:

  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other live-streaming services are all for one type of platform that can host both general and niche audiences.
  • Instagram is great for building relationships with brands, influencers, etc. so is the type of audience.
  • LinkedIn is a business-based platform that is strictly used by B2B audiences.

You can also choose to stream with the help of a webcast service provider that can help you build your own platform for live-streaming your events. Choosing a service provider for live-streaming can help you in controlling all the customizations.

Multistream Your Event Over Different Services

You can get more audience if you don’t choose to stick to a single platform. You can choose different live-streaming services to simultaneously stream on all the platforms. It is common to be present on different platforms to reach a wider audience. You can even get help by choosing a service provider that can provide effective solutions for your streaming over multiple platforms or channels. With this, you will not only reach a wider audience or host successfully, but you will also get yourself up for an engaging and professional-looking broadcast of the event.

Set Up Your Equipment Before Using Live-Streaming Services

Before start using a live-streaming service, make sure that you have checked and used the equipments that you will be using. The required equipment is a camera, phone, computer, microphone, and lighting. This will make sure that the event live stream is a success without any difficulties during the process. Set up each equipment in the perfect spot and angle so that you can capture everything about the event. This will give the virtual audience a more lifelike experience and make them stay to attend the whole event. Not only this, but it will also make you look professional and create a great impression on the audience.

Check for the Connection Speed and Reliability

No matter if you are hosting a live event over the internet by using live-streaming or webcasting services. Everything will be working online, so you should always check the internet connection and the reliability of the provider. Because you don't want to face any kind of difficulties during the stream which will make affect the attendee experience. It is necessary to streamline your internet connections because the stream can be available on a global level and anyone around the world can join. So make sure that the connection for live-streaming services is good enough to handle the load.


Using webcasting, broadcasting, and live-streaming services is of great advantage as it can help in reaching a wider audience along with many other benefits. There are multiple ways in which you can streamline your live-stream events in order to make them a success. The above-mentioned are some of the best practices that can help in making a successful event live-streaming.

Shaikh Mayra
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