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Things You Should Know About Premature Baby Diapers

Harleen Kaur

Baby diapers have made it so much easier to care for your baby without compromising on your bonding time which in the past went into constantly laundering their dirty nappies. With preemie diapers, this has come to be especially true. This is because those babies who are born prematurely need even more skin-to-skin time with their mothers than other newborns for their healthy development. Parents who are already compromised on their sleep and need to spend as much time as possible with their baby, cannot afford to lose more time dealing with messes.


Moreover, babies too need to stay dry and comfortable so that they can steadily grow to be healthier and stronger newborns, making such diapers indispensable. But are they even safe to use for preemie babies? How to select the right diaper or size for your baby? How to find the best diaper brand in India for preemies? What are some advantages of using such diapers? This article discusses all of these questions and more on the subject. So, if you are a new parent looking for diapers for your preemie baby, continue reading.

What are Preemie Diapers

Premature baby diapers are just like regular newborn diapers but are designed for babies born prematurely or with a birth weight that’s less than 3 kgs. They come with some structural changes and added features. Such diapers are much smaller in size as compared to more commonly found newborn diapers and offer gentle skin protection and leakage control for premature infants. Couples with features like rounded or hourglass shapes and gathered elastic backs help to provide a gentle but contoured fit that prevents leakages, even loose stool and urine from the back. These diapers feature a notched design which keeps the diaper waistband from putting any pressure on the umbilical cord of the babies. As they are meant to be used by premature infants who usually have extra-sensitive skin, they are extremely soft and gentle on the skin and are often hypoallergenic.

Size of Preemie Diapers

Diapers for babies come in sizes based on their weight and as premature babies usually have low birth weight, less than 3 kgs, you can find preemie baby diapers catering to that range. The best diaper brand in India offering diapers for preterm babies offers sizes for babies weighing up to 1.5 kg and up to 1 kg. You can select one to match your baby’s weight in whichever category it falls.

How are Preemie Diapers Different from Newborn Diapers

Diapers for preemie babies are similar to those for newborn babies but with some differences. The major difference lies in their size. While newborn diapers, marked as NB, offer diapers for newborns with a normal birth weight of 3 kgs and above, preemie diapers are meant for babies with a weight as low as 1 kg. Other differences can also be seen in terms of their softness, and gentleness on the skin, with preemie ones being extremely soft and often hypoallergenic. Moreover, while NB diapers may or may not contain a notch for accommodating the umbilical cord, a premie one surely does.

Using Newborn Diapers in Place of Preemie Diapers

It is not a bright idea to use newborn diapers for your premature baby as they will be too big for them, and fail to do their job. Moreover, filling the diaper with other materials to fit your baby would irritate their skin and cause discomfort.

Is it Safe to Use Preemie Diapers for Premature Babies?

It is safe to use a diaper and often a necessity to keep them dry and comfortable. Such diapers are hypoallergenic and very soft so do not cause irritation. Additionally, high-quality diapers such as MamyPoko preemie diapers are made with special care to be exceedingly gentle yet protective of a premature baby’s overtly delicate skin.

Benefits of Using Preemie Diapers

Premature babies are more delicate than other newborns born upon term completion and therefore also have special needs. Using special premature baby diapers for them is a must to ensure their well-being and safety which cannot be met using regular diapers or cloth nappies. Here is why you must use them for your preemie baby and how they are beneficial for them:

●      They provide a snug fit and are soft and gentle on their delicate skin

●      They prevent leakages and therefore offer comfort, keep them dry and reduce the risk of rashes

●      With long hours of dry comfort, your baby can enjoy uninterrupted sleep which is necessary for their neurodevelopment

●      Diapers for preemie babies consist of a notch designed to accommodate their umbilical cord safely and not obstruct it

●      The stretchy and flexible structure of such diapers contours their body snugly but softly and lies gently on their abdomen to prevent any pressure on their delicate tummy

●      The best preemie diapers equipped with modern technologies are composed of micropores that help in easy air circulation which keeps your baby cool and decreases the risk of infections and rashes

Selecting the Right Preemie Diapers for Your Baby


Just as you would take care to buy any diaper for a baby, you must also do so for premature baby diapers. Here’s what you must consider:

●      Material- Always look for hypoallergenic diapers with no harsh ingredients or skin irritants.

●      Absorbency- The diaper must be highly absorbent and be able to keep your baby dry for extended periods.

●      Size- Check the sizing chart or the diaper pack correctly to find a diaper that best fits your baby.

●      Comfort- See that the diaper you buy for your premature infant is super-soft, breathable and smooth to prevent friction and entrapment of heat and moisture.

●      Brand- Only opt for reputable brands offering high-quality diapers like MamyPoko preemie diapers to ensure the comfort, protection, and well-being of your baby.


When your baby is born prematurely, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, and one of those is selecting the right diaper for comfort and protection. They are completely safe, highly efficient, and comfortable. So, now that you know of their benefits and how to buy them, choose the ideal preemie diapers for them keep them healthy, and comfortable, and aid their development through uninterrupted sleep. 

Harleen Kaur
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