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Red Flags From Boilers; You Should Not Avoid

Red Flags From Boilers; You Should Not Avoid

Boiler repair and maintenance become crucial after boiler installation. In many cases, the boiler in Cyprus starts to malfunction after five to six years of installation. In fact, it is pretty much common to service the boiler twice a year. However, many users prefer not to call the technicians because of their high charges. As a result, the boilers start to malfunction before their warranty terms. This is just a soft reminder for the owners; if they continue to neglect service, the boiler is likely to break down shortly.

This article highlights the potential red flag one should not avoid ensuring 100% efficiency of the solar boiler in Cyprus and smooth working of the system.

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Not Heating Evenly

You might notice the water is not heating adequately. Even though the heating button is on, the heater often fails to produce adequate heat. It suggests the water is unable to circulate properly. In addition, it doesn't generate heat up to the mark. So, to restore proper heat circulation technology in the boiler, you must consult an HVAC contractor. Also, during Boiler Installation, you should learn what should be the preventive steps to defend against such a situation.

Radiators are not heating properly

The radiator is one of the most important parts of a boiler. From generating heat to circulating them in the entire system, it plays a crucial role in the heating system. Over time variable causes and sludge build up in the air system. Eventually, it can lead to contamination. In such conditions, the radiator fails to work properly. Hence, it requires complete drainage of the system and efficient dry clean-up. If you find the radiators are not sufficiently heated, you must repair them as soon as possible.

Lack of Pressure in the Water

Boilers need a decent amount of water pressure. In case the pressure is too low, the safety button automatically switches off the boiler. If you frequently come across such a situation, you must get servicing immediately. Over time, continuous low-pressure flow can cut down the heating efficiency of the system. In order to avoid such a situation, you should check the natural water pressure during Boiler Installation. On the other hand, low pressure occurs due to different air problems in the tank. Technicians can resolve them as soon as possible.

Pilot Light Goes Off Frequently

Often thermocouple faults cut off the gas supply and turn off the pilot light. Competent experts can easily mitigate the issue and resolve future problems as well. The pilot light is a crucial part of safety in the system. In many cases, users are unable to locate the indicator and cannot gauge whether the system is working or not. If you are coming across such a problem, then you must fix the light immediately.

Water Leakage

A boiler is integrated with multiple sources of water. In case you avoid a mere water drop from the boiler, it can eventually lead to severe catastrophe. Moreover, as the system is channeled with electricity during boiler installation, it can pose a potential threat to the building itself. Hence, to eradicate these issues, you must consult a professional service for boiler in Cyprus.

Final Thought

These were the common signs of potential danger. Remember, every electrical system should be backed with safety measures. And avoiding the red alerts can lead to a serious threat. 

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