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Why You Should Hire Professional Security Guards for Your Business

David Harbour
Why You Should Hire Professional Security Guards for Your Business

Running a successful business involves mitigating risks wherever possible. One area you don't want to cut corners in is physical security for your property, assets, and most importantly, people. While you may try to save money by relying on untrained staff or even yourself to handle security, the benefits of hiring professional guards are well worth the investment.


The simple presence of trained, uniformed guards can deter potential criminals from targeting your location. Knowing you have dedicated security personnel on guard is a powerful preventative measure. Attempted burglaries typically drop by about 50% when a business hire security guard service.

Emergency Response

Security officers are trained in emergency response like assessing threats, making quick decisions, properly engaging suspects, administering first aid, etc. When an incident occurs, their specialized skills mean they can take immediate action in a way untrained staff cannot. This rapid response can help contain and resolve threats.


In some cities, certain types of businesses are required by law to have licensed security personnel on location. But even without legal requirements, trained guards ensure you avoid liability by staying compliant with safety codes, insurance policies, and industry regulations.

Crowd Control

If your business ever hosts public events, private parties, promotions, concerts, or conferences, professional security guard services are indispensable for crowd management. They have experience screening attendees, monitoring occupancy, diffusing conflicts, and safely evacuating people if necessary.

Loss Prevention

Guards deter theft through visible patrols and conducting bag checks when people enter and exit your premises. Retail businesses that utilize guards report much lower rates of shoplifting, refund fraud, and inventory shrinkage. Their presence provides loss prevention that really impacts your bottom line.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums to policy holders that have professional security personnel. The cost savings on your insurance can significantly offset the expense of hiring guards.

By relying on expertly trained security guards instead of untrained staff, you ensure your business is professionally protected. The combination of deterrence, response capability, compliance, loss prevention, and insurance discounts make hiring professional guards well worth the investment.

David Harbour
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