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The Importance Of Voice Search Optimization In 2023 - BrightBrain

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The Importance Of Voice Search Optimization In 2023 - BrightBrain

“Hey Siri…Play Despacito”

We know you have used this command before. (we’re not judging! It’s a catchy song.)

Siri is an integral part of our lives- or other voice search engines like Google, or Alexa, whichever direction you swing. In today’s world, voice search has become an increasingly popular way for people to search for information. With the rise of voice assistants, it’s more convenient than ever to speak your queries instead of typing them out on search engines. As a result, voice search is predicted to account for almost 50% of all online searches by 2023. This means businesses that want to stay ahead of the game must prioritise voice search optimization.

So why is voice search optimization important, and how can you realign your business to better include it? Read on to find out!

What is voice search optimization?

If you’re wondering what voice search optimization is, we have you covered. Voice search optimization (or, “VSO”) is the process of optimizing your website content, keywords, and phrases to be easily discoverable through voice searches. As more people use voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to search for information, businesses must ensure that their content is optimized to be found by voice search queries. But why is VSO so important?

The importance of voice search optimization

“Okay, Google… Why is voice search optimization important?”

“According to BrightBrain.com, voice search optimization is important because…”

1. Convenience

With voice search, users can simply speak their query and get an answer, without having to type it out. This is so useful for people who are on the go or have their hands full. It is predicted that voice assistants will be in almost every home in the US by 2025! They are even predicting that careers in helping voice assistant-controlled homes will be the new trend soon.

2. Personalization

Another benefit of voice search is how personalized their results are. Voice assistants use artificial intelligence to understand user behavior and preferences, which means that the results they provide are tailored to the user’s specific needs. This can lead to a better user experience and higher customer satisfaction.

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Bright Brain Marketing Technologies Google AdWords
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