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Offshore Staff Augmentation: A Strategic Solution for Growing Businesses

Kanishka Narola
Offshore Staff Augmentation: A Strategic Solution for Growing Businesses

The absolute requirement of the hour and one of the biggest obstacles in the modern day is onboarding skilled and qualified digital professionals. Rapid automation and newly developing technologies necessitate a competent staff. 

Reports from 2022, however, indicate that 63% of American IT leaders were unable to fill three or more roles. Additionally, the overall IT skills shortfall may result in approximately 4.3 million open positions by 2030.  

However, if you know how to use offshore recruiting to your advantage, you won't need to worry. We'll go over all you need to know about using offshore staff augmentation to speed up and improve the quality of your IT projects in this article.  

What is Offshore Staff Augmentation?   

It is a calculated strategy to hire dedicated remote teams or workers from other nations in order to enhance the performance of internal teams. As a result, teams or individuals located overseas are assigned specific duties or functions. Such experts carry out specialized tasks and collaborate on initiatives within the company as an essential member of your team. 

By hiring specialized offshore developers, this strategy enables you to take advantage of the expertise and abilities from other nations, specifically for IT projects. If you run a tech company with headquarters in the US, for instance, you could hire Indian software developers to supplement your internal staff.  

7 Ways Offshore Staff Augmentation Affects Your Business Growth  

When you hire offshore developers, you open doors to various possibilities and growth opportunities for your business. We’ve listed down some positive effects of offshore hiring for you. 

1. Seamless Operations Regardless Of Local Challenges 


There are numerous unforeseen events that have a direct impact on a business, such as weather conditions and societal problems. Your offshore crew will make sure that everything gets done even if power outages, hurricanes, or other unfavorable circumstances have an impact on your operations. No matter what obstacles you may face in your native country, your work and development will be supported. Offshore software development services are especially helpful when you're managing IT projects with short deadlines. 

2. Operate In Multiple Time-Zones  

Your teams may operate for longer than ever when they work across several time zones. If your business is headquartered in the US, for instance, working with augmented teams in eastern regions of the world will eventually keep your teams available around-the-clock. The good news is that many offshore staff augmentation companies, including us, provide time-zone overlapping services. This guarantees the teams' comfort and efficiency.  

3. Expand Business By Freeing In-House Resources 

You relieve your in-house team of a significant amount of unneeded workload by assigning repetitive and tardy development projects to the offshore IT staff. Additionally, using remote or augmented workers can help you save money on salaries, infrastructure expenditures, and headhunting if your primary business activity is software development. 

The typical cost per hiring in the IT industry is from $3,000 to $5,000 when seeking to fill your employment needs. The good news is that employing employees from abroad can reduce employment expenditures by up to 70%.The revenue and savings can be reinvested for growth.  

4. Offshore Staffing Ensures Greater Profits 

As said earlier, outsourcing tasks/projects that consume a lot of time/resources, you can free-up your in-house resources and put them to better use. They can focus more on the core operations of your business and perform significantly better. 

The table below may help you understand better. 

You need to spend significantly less on employee benefits, retention and other fixed costs. Thus your overall in-house expenditure cripples’, leading to greater profits.  

5. Better Turnaround Time  

Your team will be able to work across several time zones and be available around-the-clock with offshore personnel. You have the opportunity to considerably speed up your turnaround time because of this. The specialized offshore developers will assure the progress of your ongoing projects while you and your internal team may rest easy. This will affect your company's typical delivery or turnaround time. 

6. Work More, Train Less 

You can avoid the trouble of training and begin working immediately by using offshore workforce augmentation. The remote employees you hire have to go through a thorough screening process. As a result, they don't need any more training to begin working on the tasks. 

To be on the safe side, offshore staff augmentation firms employ big teams of capable experts. You can request the replacement of a developer if you're unhappy with their performance.  

7. Avoid Burn-Outs And Improve Productivity 

The likelihood of staff burnout is reduced by better distribution and teamwork. According to a Stanford University research, employees who work remotely are 13% more productive. 

So you can use the advantages of offshore staff augmentation services to grow your firm and keep your current employees. Your in-house and offshore software development teams can manage operations while you unwind and think of innovative methods to grow your firm. 

Additionally, hiring offshore developers for your software projects: 

  • Ensures easy adaptation to new technologies and helps your in-house team stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Attain maximum client control by effectively handling aspects like project goals, deadlines, and budget.  
  • Scale up or down as and when needed. 

Moreover, research and decision-making plays an important role in finding reliable offshore teams. 

Scale Your Team With Narola Infotech 

We're a team of 350+ qualified professionals who have been providing capable digital solutions for growing businesses across numerous industries for over 17 years. With our knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm, we can assist you in maximizing the benefits of hiring offshore staff augmentation. 

We can set up everything for you within 3 days, whether you're seeking a focused team or dedicated developers. With the help of our adaptable engagement models, you may increase your workforce however you choose. 

We would be thrilled to add you to our community of more than 1500 satisfied customers from more than 50 different countries. Contact us with your needs, and we'll do our best to find you the finest solution.

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Kanishka Narola
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