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How To Determine The UV Printer Price

How To Determine The UV Printer Price

The price of a UV printer depends on the customer's requirements. Customers who need to print on tiny products can opt for a compact A3 flatbed UV printer. Additionally, the cost can be limited by several thousand. Customers with moderate output and slightly larger products may opt for medium-sized machines, such as Sublistar flatbed UV printing machines; however, the price may be higher for superior UV printing service. If they need to print a large quantity of products, they can select the 2513 or larger or one-pass printing equipment, but the UV printer cost will be higher.

The cost of the UV printer

The UV printer cost is an important factor that nearly every entrepreneur considers, and it's a problematic issue. Consider the use of UV flatbed printers as an illustration. The cost of using a UV printer consists of numerous components:

Calculating the cost of a UV printer while using labor costs.

Even though UV printing machines are automated equipment, they require at least one person for product placement and recycling, computer operation, and instruction input. The monthly cost of labor will be thousands of dollars regardless of the company or the individual.

The costs associated with the use of UV transfer printer ink.

Numerous clients have inquired about the UV printer's price. The cost of its ink is dependent on a number of variables, including printing precision, the number of pages printed at once, and the printing time interval. For instance, the cost difference between printing medium-precision patterns and printing high-precision or embossed patterns can be several times greater. There will also be a difference in cost if you operate the machine for 10 hours per day versus 1-2 hours per day because the Flatbed UV Printer for sale machine does not absorb ink automatically when it is not in use. Such a formula allows us to make an approximate estimate. When printing medium-precision 720*720dpi patterns, one liter of ink can be continuously used to print approximately 60 squares. For each order of magnitude increase, the printing area must be halved.

Equipment electricity and energy costs.

This is a relatively minor expense, but it is one of the UV printer's expenses. The power used by the majority of a3 Flatbed UV Printers for sale is likely less than 100w, while the power of large-scale machines is typically less than 300w, which is relatively low.

Flatbed UV Printer repair and maintenance expenses. Let's first discuss maintenance. If you have ink on your machine after one month, it will be discarded. You must disassemble the nozzle in order to clear it and direct ink from the tube into the cartridge. Due to the corrosive nature of the ink, as long as it is applied, even if it is not used, it will cause corrosive harm to the machine's nozzle and ink tube. If you do not perform routine maintenance and the ink splatters on the motherboard and causes it to malfunction, additional costs may be incurred.

The cost of UV printer initial failure.

Why mention this? I've encountered a few clients who failed to launch a business after purchasing the equipment and wished to trade these UV flatbed machines. Even if a car, a table or chair, a computer a mobile phone, and other consumer products are purchased brand-new, it is common knowledge that they will be sold at a substantial discount once they have been used.

Therefore, all entrepreneurs must consider the UV printer cost as well as the type of business they wish to launch, and possess self-assurance. Additionally, sales volume and cost should be taken into account. I hope that every entrepreneur selling UV flatbed printers is successful. In other words, allow the apparatus at hand to assist you in achieving your goals rather than hindering you. 

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