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The Art of Teak - Kerala’s Exquisite Wood Furniture

Nilambur Furniture
The Art of Teak - Kerala’s Exquisite Wood Furniture

Everybody’s home has a piece of furniture made from wood that adds to the beauty of their home. Wooden furniture, requiring minimal maintenance, is a versatile piece of art that embellishes the appeal and flair of a space. On top of all that, wood is an extraordinarily sturdy material, the products of which last mighty long. In Kerala Wood Furniture has a more dominant appeal due to the endowment of nature in the southern part of the country. 

Nilambur Furniture

In this article, let’s talk about Teak Wood found in South India’s pot of gold and its use in furniture!

What is Teak Wood and why is it used in furniture?

We at Nilambur Furniture use tropical Teak Wood for its strength and durability. Its hardness makes it the best choice for carving out furniture used in everyday life. In many parts of Kerala, wood furniture made out of teak is gaining increasing popularity, and here’s why – 

Evergreen Style

Teak Wood is a highly appealing material, and the furniture made out of it has an aesthetic elegance that cannot be overlooked. It has the best look and feel that will last you for years! If you are interested in visiting a furniture store or buying furniture online in Kerala, teak wood is your ideal pick.

Pest Resistant

Nilambur Furniture uses the best quality teak wood - it is repellent to pest infestations like termites and does not damage the furniture. Teak Furniture is also resistant to rot and decay thanks to the natural oils in the timber, making it last for as long as you’d like with proper maintenance. 

Suits your style

Teak Wood Furniture, flexible in nature, can be modified as per your taste and preferences without hassle. It is easy to color and has a sleek and clean finish. Its versatility is reflected in various types of furniture pieces such as Teak Wood Sofa Set, tables, beds, and chairs. Its extraordinary adaptability is the reason for its popularity.

Long life

The teak wood furniture made by Nilambur Furniture is durable, making it last long for generations to come. It can easily be accommodated in changing trends because of its strength and sternness it is the ultimate choice for furniture among all hardwoods. Teak wood furniture lasts all seasons - it does not heat up during summers, resists fungal infestations in monsoons, and withholds its warmth in winters. It is also known not to break, crack, or even bend like other woods over time.

Nominal Upkeep

In the majority of cases, the dust residue can be cleaned off with a regular cloth. Over a span of a few years, the polish of the furniture may depreciate, which can be refurbished easily without any inconvenience. 

To put it in a nutshell, teak wood furniture is durable, versatile, and has an exquisite appeal that’s always in style. Nilambur Furniture offers a variety of teak wood furniture pieces that can enhance the beauty of your space - visit our website to check it out! - https://shop.nilamburfurniture.com

Nilambur Furniture
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