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How to Avoid Wintertime Skylight Accidents and Leaks

How to Avoid Wintertime Skylight Accidents and Leaks


There are various reasons why a person might need to contact a residential roofing company for repair work because winters can be very demanding on roofs. More than any other feature, skylights appear to be problematic throughout the winter. Skylights can be a beautiful addition to a home, but they can be ineffective in cold and rainy weather.

For several reasons, a person must contact a residential roofing company for repair work: winters can be harsh on roofs. However, more than any other feature, skylights appear to be problematic throughout the winter. 

Skylights can be a stunning addition to a house and a great way to increase natural light, but they sometimes perform poorly in chilly and damp weather.

Skylights have the potential to create ice dams in Lowell to build or even be a source of leaks in the winter if not properly maintained. Here's what you should know to stop it!

Some Advice for Winter Skylight Maintenance

Regularly Examine Your Property

A roofer should check your skylights in Lowell at least once each year if you have one. You should pay special attention to the condition of the seals and flashing. Over a fierce winter like the one we're seeing this year, even seemingly tiny flaws can develop into significant issues.

Reducing the Humidity beneath the Skylight

The moisture will ascend with the heat and gather on the skylight if the space below is humid. It may even freeze in some cases, especially at the frame's boundaries. A leak may emerge around the skylight's margins due to the material expansion this generates, which can quickly harm the seal.

Shielding With Ice and Water

Although this improvement is a little more expensive, it may be worthwhile in the long run. A roofing professional can add ice and water shielding below the shingles to your roof if it still needs to have it around the skylight. Although it won't stop every potential issue, it will provide an additional defense against water intrusion into your property.

Make Sure the Attic Is Adequately Ventilated and Insulated

Uneven roof heating is another factor that contributes to ice dams, but a well-insulated attic ensures that the entire roof is heated equally from its peak to its borders.

On the other side, proper ventilation inhibits an accumulation of excessive interior humidity. Humidity can be a concern when it results in condensation on skylights, frequently accompanied by leaking around the skylight's frame. In addition, these can cause furniture damage, mold and mildew growth on walls, and peeling or bubbling wall paint.

Roof Raking Can Help Prevent Ice Jams

When snow on a roof melts, it runs off the edge and condenses into ice dams in Lowell, which then freeze again. Regrettably, skylights significantly contribute to this. Glass will inevitably cause snow to melt because it will never be as effectively insulated as the rest of your roof. Raking snow away from your skylight, if it's safe, will stop melting and runoff and is one of the few ways to do so.  

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