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These 3 AI Writers are Ruining Your Content in 2023-2024

Oscar Ruiz
These 3 AI Writers are Ruining Your Content in 2023-2024

In the world of content creation, the demand for efficient writing tools has surged. Many AI-powered platforms claim to streamline the writing process, promising quick and easy solutions. However, not all tools are created equal. Let's delve into the dark side of some low-quality AI writing tools and explore the pitfalls they bring to the table.

1. TheGoodAI.com

Despite its optimistic name, thegoodAI.com fails to live up to expectations. This AI writing tool may tout itself as a game-changer, but users often find themselves grappling with subpar content generated by the platform. The tool's algorithm lacks the nuance required for coherent and contextually relevant writing.

The Downsides:

  • Inconsistency in Tone: thegoodAI.com frequently produces content with an inconsistent tone, making it challenging to maintain a cohesive voice throughout a piece. This can be detrimental for those aiming to establish a consistent brand image.

  • Limited Vocabulary: Users report a limited vocabulary range, resulting in repetitive and monotonous content. This limitation hinders creativity and makes the writing appear robotic and uninspiring.

  • Structural Flaws: The tool tends to generate content with structural flaws, such as awkward sentence construction and disjointed paragraphs. This undermines the overall readability of the text.

2. EditPad.org

Editpad.org: Exposing the Reality | by Oscar Ruiz | Sep, 2023 | Medium

Editpad.org claims to be a versatile writing tool catering to various needs. However, users often encounter frustrations rather than the promised versatility. From syntax errors to awkward phrasing, this platform leaves much to be desired.

The Drawbacks:

  • Syntax Errors: Users frequently encounter syntax errors in the generated content. This not only disrupts the writing flow but also necessitates additional editing, defeating the purpose of using an AI writing tool.

  • Clumsy Phrasing: editpad.org struggles with natural language flow, resulting in clumsy phrasing that requires substantial revisions. This counteracts the time-saving benefits promised by such tools.

  • Limited Customization: The tool lacks the necessary customization options for users to tailor the writing style according to their preferences. This one-size-fits-all approach falls short in meeting the diverse needs of content creators.

3. EssayGenius.ai

Why I Regret Using EssayGenius.ai Essay Writer Tool: A Review - 2023 |  Education

While the name suggests brilliance, essaygenius.ai often falls short of delivering truly genius-level content. Users are left grappling with the consequences of relying on a tool that prioritizes speed over substance.

The Shortcomings:

  • Plagiarism Concerns: Users have reported instances of content generated by essaygenius.ai resembling existing material, raising concerns about potential plagiarism. This poses a significant risk for those aiming to maintain originality in their work.

  • Inaccurate Information: The tool occasionally generates content with inaccuracies, leading to misinformation. Content creators relying on essaygenius.ai may find themselves inadvertently disseminating incorrect information to their audience.

  • Limited Research Capabilities: The tool's research capabilities are limited, hindering its ability to provide well-informed and accurate content. This can be a major drawback for users seeking in-depth information on specific topics.


In the realm of AI writing tools, the aforementioned platforms may promise convenience but often deliver substandard results. Content creators must tread carefully, prioritizing quality over speed. Opting for reputable AI writing tools with a proven track record is crucial to ensuring the production of high-quality, reliable content. As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details," and in the case of low-quality AI writing tools, the impact on content quality can be devilishly significant.

Oscar Ruiz
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