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7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Surveillance System

Tejaswini Parker
7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Surveillance System

From hiring the right team to choosing the perfect location, each choice plays a defining role in the future of the business. Amidst these important decisions, one aspect that often stands out but can be overlooked is security. As a small business owner, you're not just managing assets and inventory; you're nurturing a dream, fostering a team's aspirations, and building a community's trust.

More than just cameras and alarms, smart surveillance systems represent a commitment—a commitment to the safety of assets, the well-being of employees, and the trust of customers.

Here’s why your small business needs a surveillance system: 

1. Deters Crime 

The mere presence of cameras can be a powerful deterrent. Criminals scouting locations will often bypass properties with visible surveillance, reducing the chances of break-ins or vandalism.

Another way surveillance systems deter crime is by giving you the ability to monitor in real time. You can link them to your smartphones or computers and take immediate actions to any suspicious activities.

2. Protects Business Assets 

For businesses with tangible products, theft can be a significant concern, especially around sales and holidays like Black Friday and Christmas. Surveillance helps you constantly monitor your inventory and ensure it is intact and undisturbed.

You should also know that replacing stolen or damaged equipment can be costly. Cameras act as guardians, especially during off-hours when the premises might be unattended.

3. Employee Safety

Employees perform best when they feel safe. Surveillance systems can deter potential threats, ensuring your team feels secure at work. This includes outdoor cameras, especially near employee parking. 

In the event of emergencies like a hostage situation, having surveillance can help first responders by providing real-time information about the situation inside.

4. Customer Confidence

Customers are more likely to frequent businesses where they feel safe. Visible cameras can enhance their sense of security, especially in high risk areas. For businesses that store customer data, surveillance can deter potential data breaches, further building customer trust.

5. Dispute Resolution

Video footage provides an unbiased account of events. Whether it's an internal dispute or a customer complaint, having this evidence can simplify and expedite resolutions. In cases of accidents or injuries on your property, surveillance footage can clarify the circumstances, potentially protecting your business from unwarranted claims.

6. Insurance Benefits

Many insurance providers offer discounts to businesses with surveillance systems, recognizing the reduced risk of theft or damage. In the unfortunate event of needing to make an insurance claim, video evidence makes the process faster and smoother, and you will be able to validate the claim easily. 

7. Improved Operations

Make reviewing footage a regular habit as a small business owner. It will help you analyze daily operations and identify inefficiencies or areas for improvement. While surveillance isn't about micromanaging, it can encourage a consistent work ethic and adherence to company protocols. 

As a small business, you will have to make a substantial investment in a smart surveillance system, so make sure you purchase one that is future-ready. This means the system has software that’s updated regularly and well-maintained. If your small business is located in Montreal, Quebec, Cablatel is a trusted surveillance system installation company. Reach out to them for your smart security needs.  

Tejaswini Parker
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