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The Future of Bathroom Design: Embracing Concealed Cisterns

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The Future of Bathroom Design: Embracing Concealed Cisterns

When it comes to modern bathroom designs, the concept of using concealed cisterns seems to be very popular these days. To dive deeper into concealed cisterns and their suitability, you should first understand what a cistern tank is. A cistern is a small water tank that allows you to store water locally in the toilet, which can further be used for flushing. These tanks are automatically filled when the water level goes low beyond a certain threshold. 

In a usual traditional toilet, the cistern tank is placed about the toilet seat. You might be even using its top to keep the toilet paper, bathroom fresheners, or other supplies. But this is no longer possible with concealed cisterns as these tanks are not even visible. Let us discuss more about concealed cisterns and understand how they work:

What are Concealed Cisterns?

Concealed cisterns are hidden behind the walls of your bathroom or sometimes within a separate furniture unit. Nowadays, people love minimalism and this is why concealed cisterns are gaining popularity. These can be quite hard to install, but give a clean and organized look to your bathroom.

Some cistern tanks are as thin as 75 mm, which can easily fit into a wall cavity. These are perfect for small bathrooms with a modern theme. However, you might need to build a thick wall first in case of some concealed cisterns. Another way to give your bathroom a hidden cistern look is to install the cistern tank within a furniture unit.

What Type of Toilets Can You Use a Concealed Cistern With?

If you already have a cistern attached to your toilet seat, a concealed cistern wouldn’t be suitable for your bathroom. Below is the list of some water closets that are suitable to be used with concealed cisterns:

  1. Wall-Hung Closet: A wall-hung water closet along with a concealed cistern is the perfect combination for small bathrooms. These toilets do not have any pedestal or piping underneath them. The gap between the floor and the toilet seat creates an illusion of spaciousness and the hidden cistern plays a vital role in making it look even cleaner.

  1. Back-to-Wall Closet: Back-to-wall toilet seats also do not have a cistern tank attached to them. However, there is no space between the toilet seat and the floor as the seat is directly attached to the floor as well as the wall of your bathroom. To make your bathroom modern and organized, you can use a concealed cistern along with a back-to-wall toilet.

Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Concealed Cistern

Here are a few important things to be aware of before you purchase a concealed cistern for your bathroom:

1. Sizes

Installing a concealed cistern can be quite difficult, but it is not the primary concern. The major issue arises when you cannot decide on the right cistern size for your bathroom. These cisterns are available in a variety of sizes. Based on the thickness of your partition wall and space availability, you can choose the right size. You can even find the most slim cistern that can fit within the thinnest partition wall. It just requires good research. You can look for top brands like Johnson Bathrooms that offer best quality concealed cisterns at affordable prices.

2. Features

In order to ensure maximum functionality and the best performance, you need to look for the below-mentioned features in a concealed cistern:

  • Dual Flush to control the amount of water you want to use for flushing.
  • Reduced flush noise.
  • Automatic refill.
  • Slimline design with a thickness of as low as 75 mm. 

3. Aesthetics

In this world of minimalism, concealed cisterns provide the best solution for people who prefer hiding all the plumbing behind the walls. While saving precious space in your bathroom, you can make it look more organized and modern at the same time. The aesthetic advantage of concealed cisterns is one of the important factors that make these cisterns a preferred choice.

4. Installation & Maintenance

The installation of hidden cisterns may seem challenging at first, but it is not really that difficult. The ease of maintenance also depends on how you build your partition wall or the furniture unit. Make sure you get the concealed cistern installed by professionals, who can also take care of it in case any maintenance is required.

How to Buy The Right Concealed Cistern?

Concealed cisterns provide the best space-efficient alternative to coupled closets, omni suites, etc, by allowing you to hide the cistern tank behind the wall. If you want a clean modern look with minimal interior design, you must consider installing a concealed cistern along with a wall-hung or back-to-wall water closet in your bathroom. With lots of options available in the sanitaryware market, you may find it difficult to make the right choice. 

It is advised to start by looking for different sanitaryware brands offering concealed cisterns and comparing their products based on the quality and price ranges. Don’t just go for the cheapest available option by only considering the price as it can cost you much more afterward. However, it doesn’t mean that the expensive option is always better. You should do thorough research to find out which brand is offering durable and long-lasting products at reasonable prices. Just make sure that you purchase from a trusted brand like Johnson Bathrooms.

Johnson Bathroom
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