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What Documents Do You Need to Prove a Lemon Law

Eric Davis
What Documents Do You Need to Prove a Lemon Law

Any legal claim, including a lemon law claim, is strengthened when supported by proof. A list of the most important documents in a lemon law claim is provided below. The more of them you can produce, the easier it will be to win a lemon law claim, breach of warranty claim, or other consumer protection law claim.

Original Purchase or Lease Paperwork

Your initial purchase or lease contract is likely to be the first document requested by your attorney. It will include the date you bought the car, the price (including any rebates or trade-in information), and any aftermarket accessories that were installed. If you financed your purchase, you need also have your auto loan documentation. If you have misplaced any of these documents, you can request a duplicate from the dealer.


You may send or receive correspondence about your vehicle from the dealership, manufacturer, or a third party, such as a government agency. In some circumstances, certain states require written notification of the problem to the manufacturer. Maintain a copy of every such correspondence in your lemon file.

Invoices for Repairs

When you pick up the vehicle from the repair attempt, the repair invoices will be available. It, like the repair order, describes the defect(s), vehicle details, dates, and so on.

The invoice should also include information on what the repair facility performed to correct the fault. Most importantly, it must state that the repair order has been completed. If the repair order is not closed, it will appear on paper that the manufacturer can still attempt to rectify the fault. This could render your lemon law claim null and void. Maintain an organized folder for all of your repair orders and invoices. This material will be critical in supporting your claim.

Warranty Provided by The Manufacturer

The manufacturer's warranty is typically provided with the owner's manual that you received when you purchased your vehicle. It includes the manufacturer's express warranty, including information on what is covered and for how long. It will frequently outline the buyer's duties, such as regular maintenance and oil changes. If you are not entitled for a real lemon law claim in your state but can still pursue a claim for breach of warranty, the manufacturer's warranty is especially relevant. Furthermore, in other places, such as California, lemon laws are particular to the conditions of the manufacturer's guarantee.

Additional Lemon Law Documentation

Vehicle Background

All maintenance and repairs should be documented in the vehicle's history. Search for your VIN on the CARFAX Vehicle History Report and print the results.

Registration of Vehicles

Document the vehicle's current registration as well as the money you paid for it; the manufacturer must refund you for this.

Repair Timetable

The repair timetable should include communication with the manufacturer, time spent in the shop, and the outcomes of the repair attempts. You can create this document on your own, but the repair orders and invoices will serve as verification.

If you believe you may have purchased a lemon, we can assist you in navigating the paperwork and procedures that might be intimidating in a legal claim. It is what we do on a daily basis. For a free case review, please contact our Georgia Lemon Law Lawyer to evaluate your case thoroughly.

Eric Davis
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