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Stump Removal Do's and Don'ts

Ravi Jha
Stump Removal Do's and Don'ts

A tree stump is unsightly, a tripping hazard and a breeding ground for unwanted pests like termites. It can also hinder future planting in the area.

There are several methods of removing a stump. Some are easier than others. Some are more expensive. Some use chemicals. Others are brute force. We suggest hiring a professional for best results. Try stump milling (stubbfräsning) Stockholm services.


Whether you removed a tree due to disease or it simply didn’t fit into your landscaping plans a stump can be an eyesore and a major safety hazard. It can also be a breeding ground for insects and fungus, which can spread to healthy trees.

There are several ways to remove a stump: physical removal by digging out and cutting the roots, chemical removal to speed up the natural process of rotting or grinding the stump using specialized equipment. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but the best method is stump grinding.

It’s best to have the stump removed at the same time as you fell the tree, because if you leave it it can become a home for insects and fungus, which will infect and possibly kill your other healthy trees. If you must use chemicals, apply them in spring or early summer when the sap is rising. This will prevent new growth and allow the fungus to do its work.


A stump is not just an eyesore; it’s also a tripping hazard, a fire risk, and makes future planting in the area difficult. Plus, the roots of a tree will keep growing once it’s been felled, and can eventually crack or lift pavement, damage driveways and sidewalks, and even infiltrate and undermine your home’s foundation.

Leaving a stump and its root system in place will also attract pests like termites, and fungus that can spread to nearby trees. The dead stump will also rot quickly, attracting insects and creating an unpleasant smell in your yard.

To kill a stump, drill holes over the top and sides of the stump to expose its root system. Then, pour boiling water over the stump to shock its root system with heat and destroy it. This method takes longer than stump grinding and may require additional chemicals, but is a cost-effective way to kill a stump. However, it will not remove the entire root system, and it will take several months for the stump to decay fully.


Stump removal is difficult and time-consuming, but it’s also essential for the health of your yard. Unattended stumps are a tripping hazard and a magnet for insects, such as termites. Vacant stumps also decompose very slowly and can infect surrounding trees and shrubs.

The first step to successful stump removal is acquiring the necessary equipment. This includes a shovel, digging bar, pruning shears and a sturdy pry bar. It’s also important to wear proper safety gear and clear the area around the stump before attempting to remove it.

Once you have the right equipment, start by rocking the stump back and forth to see if it’s loose and movable. It’s a good idea to work in daylight, as it will make the process much easier. Remember to take breaks as needed. Also, be mindful of underground utility lines and stay away from those areas. The last thing you want is an expensive disaster. Lastly, if the stump is too large to remove with a manual tool, consider using a stump grinder, which is quicker and requires less manual labor.


Many homeowners want to get rid of unsightly tree stumps and roots, which can be a trip hazard and detract from the beauty of the yard. In addition, they can attract insects and fungi.

Stump grinding is a more intrusive option that involves heaving up the stump and digging out its widespread roots, but it leaves a clean slate for new landscaping plans. It also requires heavy machinery and can be dangerous if not performed correctly.

Before starting the process, it is important to walk around the area and make sure it is safe. It is recommended to wear a hard hat, safety glasses and work gloves and to keep children and pets away from the machine while it is in operation. It is also essential to take breaks and stay hydrated.

Ravi Jha
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