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Oodles Scaffold | Your Ideal White-Label Crypto Exchange

arslan siddiqui
Oodles Scaffold | Your Ideal White-Label Crypto Exchange

Businesses often find themselves exhausted after understanding the intricacies of a crypto exchange platform. They lack the resources and time to create a platform on their own. If you face the same problems then white-label crypto exchange is the right solution to suit your requirements. In this article, we explore Oodles Scaffold — a pre-built white-label crypto exchange software. We discuss its existing features and add-on features that can help you select the right platform for your business.

Oodles Scaffold

Oodles Scaffold is our flagship white-label crypto exchange solution with essential functionalities. Our pre-built software comes with sophisticated, super-fast, and stable matching engine performance.

Our product offers a fully customizable front end and ready-to-deploy backend. It allows users to navigate the dynamic crypto market with ease and confidence.

Why Use Our White-Label Crypto Exchange Solution

From advanced order types to intuitive user interfaces, Oodles Scaffold is designed to enhance trading capabilities. Here are the reasons why you should opt for Oodles Scaffold:

Faster Development

Utilize our white-label solution to expedite the development process. Leveraging our pre-built framework significantly reduces development time, allowing quicker market entry.

Time and Cost Savings

By opting for our solution, you minimize the need for extensive development from scratch, resulting in substantial time-to-market reductions and cost-effectiveness throughout the project lifecycle.


Our white-label solution is purpose-built for scalability. It ensures your product can seamlessly expand as your business grows, maintaining its efficiency and adaptability.

Crypto Liquidity

Seamlessly integrate crypto assets into your system. Our solution facilitates easy integration, broadening market opportunities and enhancing liquidity through crypto acceptance.

Payment Gateway Integration

Effortlessly incorporate various payment gateways, enhancing user experience by providing multiple payment options and ensuring smooth transactions.

Maximum Security

Security is paramount. Our solution is fortified with robust security features, safeguarding user transactions and data against potential cyber threats, and fostering trust and reliability.

Key Features of Our Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Solution

From a robust matching engine to multi-level authentication, our Oodles Scaffold offers the following features:

Matching Engine with Order Book

Our exchange solution features a cutting-edge matching engine. It ensures fast and accurate trade execution. It is complemented by an intuitive order book interface for transparent market visibility.

Admin Portal

You can seamlessly manage your exchange operations through an intuitive administrative portal. The portal grants you comprehensive control and oversight over user activities and exchange functionalities.

Multi-level Authentication

Oodles Scaffold prioritizes security with multi-layered authentical protocols. It protects user accounts and transactions against potential threats or unauthorized access.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance

Our white-label crypto exchange supports regulatory standards and builds user trust by integrating robust KYC procedures. It ensures compliance and legitimacy.

Liquidity Provider Integration

We also help you seamlessly integrate liquidity providers to ensure a consistent flow of liquidity. This fosters a dynamic trading environment for users.

Real-Time Market Watch

Another feature of our white-label crypto is real-time market data. It enables users to make informed decisions through up-to-date market data.

Candlestick Chart

Our solution also offers visual market trends and patterns with detailed candlestick charts. It facilitates comprehensive analysis for traders and investors.


Oodles Scaffold offers access to comprehensive reports and analytics. It provides valuable insights into trading activities and performance metrics for informed decision-making.

Type of Orders

From market orders to limit orders, our solution offers diverse order types. It accommodates various trading preferences and strategies.

Multi Instruments Trading

Traders can expand investment opportunities beyond cryptocurrencies with muti-instruments trading. It enables users to trade diverse instruments for a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Our solution offers multi-currency wallet integration. It lets users safely store and manage multiple currencies within a single wallet. This ensures convenience and security for users' digital assets.

Multiple Country/Language Support

Cater to a global user base by offering multilingual support, facilitating access for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


Ensure consistent liquidity levels, fostering a smooth trading experience and bolstering user satisfaction with continuous market availability.

Customizable Features | Add Ons

Here are the customizable features that you can add to the Oodles Scaffold:

Referral Program

Our experts provide the development of a referral program in Oodles Scaffold to incentivize your existing customers to recommend. Customers can share referral links with their acquaintances and invite them to sign up and deposit money. In return, the referrer will get crypto or a voucher.

Merchant Integration

Merchants can seamlessly integrate their websites into Oodles Scaffold using a specific code snippet. This creates functionality that allows users visiting the site to choose crypto as a payment method for services offered by merchants.

This integration streamlines the process of accepting crypto payment methods for the merchant. Additionally, customers get an additional payment option.

Automated Payment Modules

Automated payment modules streamline business transactions by facilitating electronic invoice payments. It eliminates the need for paper checks. Oodles Scaffold provides the provision for automated deposit and withdrawals of fiat currency with payment gateway integration.

Multiple Liquidity Providers

Our developers can integrate liquidity APIs (application programming interfaces) into Oodles Scaffold. It will help in establishing connections with multiple liquidity providers and aggregators. This enables traders the advantage of executing asset transactions at current market rates, minimizing the impact of sudden price fluctuations.


Oodles Scaffold stands as a holistic solution that caters to every aspect of your crypto exchange requirements. It ensures high security for transactions and user data. It safeguards against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

If you are looking for a crypto exchange white-label company, then look no further. Oodles Scaffold is an ideal solution for your business. Connect with our blockchain developers to discuss your requirements. 

arslan siddiqui
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