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Choosing the Right Shopify Theme for Your Dubai-based Business

Choosing the Right Shopify Theme for Your Dubai-based Business

Navigating the E-Commerce Landscape: Choosing the Right Shopify Web Development Services in Dubai

An online store that looks good and works well is essential for success in today's busy digital market. A lot of businesses in Dubai that want to build a robust online footprint choose Shopify as their e-commerce platform of choice. Selecting a suitable theme for your brand and business can be challenging, though, since there are so many to choose from. Are you looking for the best Shopify web development services in Dubai? 

"What is the best-looking Shopify theme?" "What Shopify theme should you pick?" The first two questions are what most people ask us. It takes work to pick the right style for your Shopify store. 

More than a million shops are already using Shopify, making it the best eCommerce platform in the world. The site has a lot of paid and free apps, and business tools are already there.

There is one thing that Shopify does better than options like WooCommerce, Wix, or BigCommerce, and that is it can grow with your business. Checkout, managing goods, and hosting your site are some of the other valuable features that Shopify web development services Dubai have to offer.

If you want your business to do well, you need to pick a suitable theme. Choosing a suitable theme will help your customers find your goods and make the whole experience better for them. 

One of Shopify's themes controls how your store looks and works. It lets you add parts to pages and make menus for getting around.

It may seem like picking the suitable Shopify theme is mostly for looks, but the choices you make here will affect how your buyers use your store. Technical factors affect both functionality and user experience. It means that the style you choose could affect the number of people who buy from your store.

Before we talk about some great Shopify themes, let's talk about some basic things you should think about when picking a theme for your store.

How to Choose a Shopify Theme for Your Store Considering Technical Factors -

Supports Multiple Languages:

Languages and cultures mix easily in Dubai, so companies need to appeal to a wide range of people. If you want your online store to reach more people, pick a Shopify theme that works with more than one language. Having a website in more than one language shows you care about your business and makes you more appealing to people all over the world.

Theme Builder Help:

Sometimes, you'll need to change settings, add more tools, or combine different parts while working on your theme. 

It is essential to get quick and valuable help from the Shopify writers who made your theme since making a store is hard.

In order to get help from the Shopify support team, you will need to use one of the themes. How much help you get from third-party developers depends on the service they offer. So, before you decide to use the service, you should read comments and reviews to help you decide.

Sites like TrustPilot have genuine customer reviews and testimonials that you can read. These are the review sites that give out accurate information, not fake reviews.

Optimized for Mobile:

Almost everyone in this place uses smartphones, so you have to make sure your website works well on phones. Customers using smartphones and tablets should be able to easily browse your store with the chosen Shopify theme because it should fully adjust to different screen sizes. A design that works well on mobile devices not only makes the user experience better but also helps your search engine results.

You might want to give yourself time to look at the mobile sample because of these things that you need to think about before making a final choice:

How far does your visitor have to scroll to get to the first screen or choice that they can interact with?

In what ways does the picture or its size cover the whole screen?

Are drop-down lists easy to use when they are placed vertically?

Are your "call to action" (CTA) buttons easy to see and reach with your thumb?

Is the minimum distance between clickable items big enough to stop people from clicking them by accident?

Product Catalog Size:

There are different numbers of goods that the official Shopify Theme store can handle when you use it. Electronics and clothing shops need long catalogs because they sell a lot of different things. 

The theme used to show a collection should make it easy for users to get to it. Digital shops and stores with physical locations have multiple levels of menus, search bars, and filters for their inventory.

It might be best for your homepage if you stick to a more focused theme that gives you more ways to customize it if you're offering fewer than 10 items.

Free of charge, Debut offers promotional banners and testimonials, as well as product suggestions and suggestions from other goods.

Optimising Conversion and Checkout:

Your shopping carts and checkout pages can affect whether a sale goes through or not, and some themes give you tools to make your Shopify sales process better.

If you give customers clear signals like back buttons, progress bars, order summaries, and helpful icons, it will be easier for them to finish a transaction. You will quickly get your money back from the premium theme if you can lower the number of people who leave their shopping carts.

Tools and SEO Compatibility:

Having a good Google score could help bring more people to your Shopify store. It sells more items because paid search ads cost less. 

It's easier to optimize for search engines when Shopify themes come with SEO choices already built in. What you should look for in organic traffic as a big part of your marketing plan are the following traits:

  • Metadata customisation
  • Social media share buttons
  • Support for Google Snippets
  • Automatic creation of sitemaps

Formatting Images:

There are many benefits to using Shopify for your online store, such as the way its computers handle the content you give them. 

When you add a new picture to your Shopify store, it is sent out over the content delivery network (CDN) around the world. It speeds up page loads and lets your images adjust to different screen sizes.

Additionally, you are not required to provide separate mobile and desktop versions of each picture if you don't wish to.

Shopping Cart Pro users get the best graphics for their websites thanks to the advanced server design and software that turns your JPG and PNG photos into WebP files automatically. Still, the quality of the results was kept high by 30%, cutting the size of the picture files.

Any work you do to improve the speed of your Shopify store might not help if your pages take a long time to load because of large video files and images. Every second you lose business, this is a significant problem.

 By comparison, your return rate will go up by about 27% for every extra second that the page takes to load.

On the other hand, a store that sells trinkets or clothes needs to show a lot of different pieces. If you run this kind of business, your product pages should have HD shots of the items, with the option to zoom in closely.

Menu Design, Navigation, and Usability:

Some companies need people with specific traits. If you sell a lot of things that can't be put into groups, it can be hard to make a multi-level menu that makes it easy for customers to find the correct pages. 

An essential part of your user experience is finding and learning about new goods or features that your users might like.

There are search options and breadcrumbs that make it easier to find the parts of your collection you want. Multi-level options also make it easy to see your whole collection at a glance.

It is better for sponsored ads that use product or category pages as landing pages to have a multi-level menu rather than a single-level menu. You should let people know about your other things before they leave if they click on your ad.

Translation Assistance:

eCommerce sites need to have information in more than one language for customers from other countries. While most of your customers speak the same language, adding more languages can help your search engine rankings. 

Although Shopify Themes does have language-supporting tools, some themes make it hard to add translated content. To pick a theme that lets customers search for goods in more than one language.

The ability to change currencies can help your business grow around the world. When the total amount is not shown in the customer's currency, they may be hesitant to finish the transaction. In order for them to not have to do the change themselves, they will have to give more details about where they are (like tax information).

The code for currency converters can be entered in-app or through your online store's editor. Adding translated content is more arduous. Before you can start taking payments in more than one currency, you need to change the ways people can pay you.

Theme Selection for Your Shopify Store:

Shopify is excellent for eCommerce website development, and Safcodes Company in Dubai can provide the best Shopify web development services in Dubai. Three factors should influence your Shopify theme choice. First, excellent user experience.

 Your site's items should be easy to find. Select a theme with features and menu architecture that match your collection. A theme without unnecessary elements may speed up page loading.

Second is SEO and marketing. User-generated content via comment boards, social media integration, and blogs can boost rankings. Lead-capturing pop-ups enhance email marketing.

Finally, CRO. Create an intuitive, safe, and simple Shopify user experience to boost conversions. It requires visible and usable CTAs. Use recently sold alerts and testimonials as social proof.

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