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The Benefits Of English Language Software

English Language Lab
The Benefits Of English Language Software

Language labs, as we all know! There is a computer classroom where you may learn a new language for example English, Hindi, or Marathi. We commonly know it as a language lab. Students can use these self-learning labs to listen and practice speaking the language by watching video classes. With levels on LSRW- listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. These skills help develop a proper selection of words, vocabulary and phrase usage, as well as how to speak and pronounce.

In the laboratory, a group of roughly ten to twenty students can use the same materials at the same time. It understands that everyone’s language skill level may differ and allows for enough time for speaking and listening contacts. These language laboratories are becoming more popular because they provide a dictated eLearning environment and combine modern technology into classrooms. These language labs provide more practice classes and current activities than language textbooks.

School students using English Language Lab Software in Computers

This article shows the benefits of language laboratories in education, with a special focus on developing English language skills in a set-up digital education environment. Here are the important points.

  • Only studying the theory of a new language will not ensure a good language-learning experience. Language labs provide practice in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.
  • Students understand much faster in enjoyable English Language Lab courses than in regular classrooms.
  • Language laboratories are the practice of teaching the four important skills of language speaking, writing, reading, and listening in a planned way. Students receive better training in a language lab.
  • Through Self-learning: Students have developing, self-motivated training to satisfy the learning lab goals and objectives.
  • Monitoring and examination: Teachers/tutors instantly receive updates up to date on each student’s growth & suggestions for improving their skills and weaknesses, which helps them to better learn.
  • In addition, the language lab allows students to use what they learned in class by putting concepts into practice through interactive activities. Such as L-S-R-W (listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills)

What Exactly is a Language Learning Lab?

Language laboratories, which were first introduced in the United States, nowadays have become an important language of teaching in many countries, specifically for foreign language education.

In simple terms: the English Language Learning Lab: it’s a self-learning tool that allows students to listen via practice speaking the English language via recorded courses in English, with a focus on speaking and listening.

This course will assist learners in developing correct word choice, idioms, and phrase usage, as well as tone and pronunciation problems. Language labs are becoming increasingly important. These laboratories provide more practice sessions and current activities than language books.

English Digital Lab Software using in School

The student and teacher’s roles and responsibilities in the English lab are as follows:

There is a common fear in the education sector that digital technology will entirely replace the job of the teacher and make the profession inactive. In this kind of situation language laboratory makes it easier because it provides that simply enhances the teacher’s task rather than competing against it.

Instead of spending time expressing everything, the teacher/trainer may concentrate on the main principles shown in the course. Because of the design of the language lab software, teachers can prepare lessons more rapidly and with a greater number of interactive activities, which also makes their job simpler as well.

Roles and Responsibilities of Teacher & Students

The Role of the Teacher in the English Language Lab in Schools:

  1. The teacher’s responsibility should be limited to teaching students through the use of the lab software’s features.
  2. Allow your students to explore the program and learn for himself or herself.
  3. As a teacher, explain the value of English in their lives and show them how to utilize the Language Lab.
  4. After every task performed by a student, our course displays the student’s information and instantly offers the reports! This data can be used by the teacher to help the student!
  5. This increases student-teacher and student-student communications.

The Role of the Student in the English Language Lab in Schools:

  1. In the language lab, students can enhance language skills through a broad range of computer-based activities and exercises.
  2. One of the most useful features is that students may record and playback their own recorded voices.
  3. Language Lab Software is user-friendly and simple to use. (Just like plug and play MODE)
  4. Students can learn LSRW skills at levels that include (A1)-Basci to (C1)-Advance.
  5. In the lab, students additionally learn English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Overall, the main purpose of the Digital Teacher’s English Language Lab is to provide students with a digital learning lab where they may quickly and effectively practice language skills. This also enables learners to practice their LSRW skills and grammatical abilities in an enjoyable environment.

English Digital Language Lab

Importance of Having a Digital Language Lab in High Schools and Colleges?

English Language laboratories are a helpful tool for students as well as teachers. Teachers just need a basic understanding of computers to execute this teaching method, and students will be very happy to use the additional tools with which they are already used.

These English labs have interactive classes that are designed to meet the needs of each of the students; they offer specialized attention from teachers to students, which is especially important in schools with different levels of teaching.

Students will participate completely in the language learning environment and are motivated to use the language in a given, practical, and visually interesting way. By seeing videos, images, puzzles, and voice recording options to practice pronouncing words correctly and learn new words, among other activities.

However, as real-time monitoring and assessment empower the teacher to understand which level course standards are the most difficult for the students, the level of class may be adjusted immediately.

Why Digital Teacher English Language Lab Only?

Digital Teacher’s English Language Lab Software wants to make studying feel more natural, with students continuously gaining basic language skills. In addition, students have access to more assets and a broader range of assignments than they would in a traditional classroom.

Proof, Here is Students’ learning and communication skills increased after utilizing Digital Teacher’s English Language Lab Software! We all know that no one believes. Proof is required, not just words! That is OK; check out the video feedback on our language lab course, which is used in several high schools, universities, and educational institutes, below.

Global Institute for Human Development, Syria

Also, visit “Digital Teacher English Language Lab Software Clients” to see Lab Software images & read more user reviews of our software used in universities, institutions, and school teachers. THANK YOU!

Montessori’s English Medium High School Review After Using our English Language Lab Software.

English Language Lab
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