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Laugh Lines or Nasolabial Folds: Causes & Ways To Eliminate Them

Dr. Niti Gaur
Laugh Lines or Nasolabial Folds: Causes & Ways To Eliminate Them

Nasolabial folds are the anatomical term for laugh lines around the mouth, that is, the lines in the cheeks that begin to fold to join the nose (naso) and lips (labial) when one smiles. These folds may develop into a feature of the face as a person ages, rather than only occurring when we laugh or smile. Sagging cheeks further aggravate this.


With dermal filler treatment in Gurgaon, one can correct laugh lines or nasolabial folds and get back the youthful look in the target area by providing volume and support to the skin.


What Causes Laugh Lines?


Collagen degrades with time, causing the skin to lose elasticity and strength, resulting in thin, wrinkled, and loose skin. The lines get progressively engraved into the skin with repeated facial movements such as smiling or laughing. The supporting soft tissue is also shrinking, causing the lines to become more prominent. Volume loss in the cheeks and lower face may lead to these wrinkles by minimizing skin support. Other things that can aggravate deepening laugh lines include:


  • Excessive sun exposure: UV radiation hastens aging, creating wrinkles and uneven skin texture.
  • Smoking: Cigarette smoking can inhibit healthy collagen synthesis in the skin, hastening aging.
  • Sudden weight loss or fluctuations in weight: Weight loss can cause sagging skin and volume loss, accentuating the appearance of nasolabial folds.
  • Genetics: DNA determines how the skin ages.
  • Aging: The natural aging process results in losing collagen and other skin-firming components.

How to get rid of laugh lines or nasolabial folds?


1. Dermal fillers


Depending on the lines, dermal filler can fill out, plump, and improve the appearance of laugh lines over time. There are numerous dermal fillers, but one of the primary fillers is present naturally in human tissue, including skin, and provides the same function when used as filler: plumping, protecting the skin's structure, collagen stimulation, and hydration. This material is an excellent filler and is one of the most popular.




Sagging skin is another cause of these folds, as are heavier cheek fats. Patients can choose treatments to improve the sagging skin and fat, such as HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) and radiofrequency.


HIFU and fillers can be combined for increased efficacy and apparent results. For example, following the HIFU skin tightening, fillers conceal the depth differences between the nasolabial folds and the excess cheek fat. One can learn more about these treatments with Dr. Niti Gaur, the best skin doctor in Gurgaon at Citrine Clinic.


How do dermal fillers work?


Laugh lines can be lifted and softened with dermal fillers. The dermal filler treatment aims to smooth out existing lines while creating a support structure to prevent new lines from emerging or deepening existing lines. Furthermore, it encourages new collagen formation, which improves skin quality. Dermal fillers restore volume and smooth out wrinkles in affected areas (buccal hollows). In addition, the thick filler treats volume loss in the area (buccal hollows), whereas the finer, thinner filler treats wrinkles and skin aging.


Surrounding areas are also evaluated because they frequently contribute to deepening laugh lines. Cheek volume reduction, in particular, can exacerbate smile wrinkles and is commonly treated simultaneously.




Fillers for the nasolabial folds are a non-invasive procedure that uses injectable fillers to enhance volume and improve the look of these lines. This procedure is quick and painless; most patients have little to no downtime afterward. Treatment for nasolabial folds is usually done at a doctor's office. The process is relatively short, lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.


Following a thorough, tailored consultation and an explanation of the nasolabial fold method and any associated risks, numbing cream will be applied to alleviate any discomfort. After numbing the area, it is cleaned with an antiseptic solution or an alcohol swab.


The injectors then have two options for visually improving nasolabial folds by placing premium-grade dermal filler.


Needle: The folds are filled with linear threads beneath the skin's surface using an ultra-thin needle until they naturally improve. At the intersection of the fold and nose, the injector inserts dermal filler deep, at 90 degrees, into the skin to improve this area.


Cannula: A small injection of local anesthesia is delivered into the skin with a thin needle, followed by a fine needle that makes a small hole in the skin. A blunt cannula is inserted into the small skin opening created by the needle. The cannula is softly inserted into the subcutaneous fat beneath the skin, and the nasolabial folds are carefully filled. Because of the blunt form of the cannula, which has significantly less chance of piercing or harming underlying arteries and nerves, many injectors believe this is the safest technique to fill the nasolabial folds.


The advantages of dermal fillers for nasolabial folds


As a person ages, they may become aware of areas of their face that they do not like. Creases can occur around the lips where the skin was previously smooth, and they can be more evident in some than others at a certain age. This is especially true when considering genetics and lifestyle factors like smoking and sun exposure. While lines and wrinkles are unavoidable in aging, they must not be accepted. Nasolabial fold fillers provide a treatment for smoothing out noticeable nasolabial folds and giving the skin a lifted, moisturized, and regenerated appearance.


Following are some of the advantages of dermal filler:


  • It promotes collagen formation in the skin, resulting in plump skin.
  • They help transform the face by reducing the depth of laugh lines.
  • The treatment results in an overall skin lift with increased volume around the mouth.
  • It lightens the dark color of the lower face caused by deep wrinkles.
  • It makes the skin look younger and more natural by profoundly moisturizing and revitalizing it.
  • It is a quick procedure that requires little downtime.


Suppose one wants to get back a youthful look and correct these laugh lines. Do visit Citrine Clinic to get these issues corrected with dermal filler treatment in Gurgaon.


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Dr. Niti Gaur
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