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Navigating the Landscape of Different Keyword Types

Navigating the Landscape of Different Keyword Types

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to any digital marketing campaign and keywords form a non-separable part of SEO. An effective SEO directly affects the online visibility of your website in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Thus, the blog aims to educate you about the different keyword types. The keywords are described by categories to make it easier for you to understand and use them the same. Effective SEO becomes essential to hire the best SEO company, to ensure website page optimization. This also extends your digital marketing bandwidth without adding up to the fixed cost.

Different Keyword Types Unlocked   

Seed Keywords

These are words or phrases that you can use as the starting point in a keyword research process. These are primarily used to unlock more keywords. You can consider them to be the input for the output keywords.

Intent Keywords

Intent keywords are characterized by the words and phrases that represent the reason behind the search query. They are the group of words that demonstrate what people expect to find by using a keyword in a search engine. These can be further categorized into-

Informational Keywords

The keyword is used when the searcher is looking for information.

Navigational Keywords 

The keyword is used when the searcher is trying to find a specific website.

Commercial Investigation Keywords

The keyword is used to buy a specific product but needs to do more research.

Transactional Keywords

These are differentiated by the pure buying tone.

High-Intent Keywords

These indicate that the user is close to making a purchase, and has a combination of commercial investigation and transactional keywords.

Long-tail keywords

These are of two types namely, topical and supporting. Topical keywords are the ones that are titles themselves, and supporting are the ones that support the topical keywords. These keywords are less competitive than the short- or middle-tail keywords. They are usually specifically oriented to attract visitors with specific intent.

Low Competition Keywords

These are also known as low-hanging keywords and are easier to rank for. They are capable of giving faster results in the short term. Attributing to their quick productivity they are often recommended to new websites that

do not have a strong link profile. 

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