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What Steps Are Involved in Deck Installation Services?

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What Steps Are Involved in Deck Installation Services?

Installing a new deck can completely transform an outdoor space, providing useful square footage for entertaining, relaxing, or expanding your home’s livable footprint. However building a deck properly involves careful planning, material selection, and structural considerations during construction. 

Knowing what goes into a standard deck project will set realistic expectations around the timeline and process when hiring a professional Skylights Service Company.

Initial Consultation

The process kicks off when you contact a reputable deck builder for an initial home consultation. The project manager will discuss your vision for how you want to use the space and any specific size, material, or layout preferences. This is also an opportunity for the installer to view the site location, take precise measurements, and note any important site conditions like sloped yards, tree locations, or soil types that could impact the project.

During this collaborative planning session, the deck construction company should provide 3D concept drawings outlining the exact deck footprint, stairs placement, and railing design as well as selections for deck boards, posts, and other finishing touches. These virtual previews let you visualize the finished deck and make any changes before finalizing the plans.

Permit Application

With the final deck construction diagrams completed, the next step is applying for the required local building permits. Seasoned deck builders will handle permit paperwork directly with the town or county building department on your behalf so you don’t have to navigate this process personally. The approved permit must be displayed on-site before work kicks off.

Site Preparation

Before materials arrive and construction begins, your contractor will prepare the installation area appropriately. This typically involves:

  • Clearing/leveling the build site area
  • Layout markings for the deck footprint & post holes
  • Digging holes for concrete pier footings
  • Grading/installation of structural supports
  • Proper site prep establishes a solid foundation to assemble the framework.

Constructing the Substructure

The real construction gets underway with the build-out of the necessary underlying support beams and joists that the deck floor and features will attach to. This essential framework includes:

  • Concreting support footings below the frost line
  • Anchoring vertical posts to footing piers
  • Attaching horizontal support beams to posts
  • Installing floor joists in ledger board & beam system

Flooring Installation

With a sturdy underlying frame that meets local structural building codes, the deck floor can be installed. The most common modern deck flooring options are pressure-treated lumber or composites that resist outdoor elements. Installation methods vary slightly depending on materials:

  • PT lumber is screwed down perpendicular to the joists
  • Composite boards click or clip into place
  • Proper spacing is maintained between boards for drainage

Integrating Features

Specifically, implementing an online project submission and tracking portal would allow clients to easily submit project requests, upload relevant documents like building plans and permits, and monitor progress from design through completion.


Integrating 3D visualization tools would also let clients better envision final building designs. Adding a material selection feature with pricing breakdowns would empower clients to choose finishes like flooring, countertops, and fixtures right online. Advanced features turn the website into an invaluable extension of the business.Transitioning from a basic floor outline, the builder can construct any special deck features you want integrated like:

  • Stairs - framed stringers with boards overlaid
  • Railings - securing vertical balusters between top & bottom rails
  • Planter boxes - built-in or movable planter bench
  • Underdeck waterproof ceiling system

Completing Finishes

The last construction steps involve adding final touches to complete the usable, high-quality deck installation such as:

  • Installing capped composite deck railing posts
  • Attaching post caps to balusters
  • Coating lumber with protective deck sealer
  • Weatherproofing with waterproof decking sealant
  • Lighting fixtures & accent lighting
  • Outdoor kitchens or fireplace units

Inspections & Approval

Before using your newly built deck, the local municipality will send an inspector to ensure proper protocols are followed. They will check that structure dimensions match plans, visibility standards are met, electrical fixtures are grounded properly and safety rails are secured according to code. The inspector will then approve your certificate of occupancy.

Regular Maintenance

To maximize the longevity of your investment in a brand-new wood or composite deck installation, be sure to perform seasonal maintenance. This includes:

  • Checking for loose boards or rails
  • Removing leaves/debris
  • Reapplying protective sealer
  • Cleaning deck surface with composite cleaner

Regular upkeep identifies minor repairs before they worsen as well as keeping the deck looking its best.

Final Thought 

Installing a new deck requires careful coordination, from design plans to passing final inspection, before you can enjoy the new entertainment space. Leaning on an experienced Deck installation services company ensures proper construction protocols and quality materials come together seamlessly for durable, worry-free outdoor enjoyment for years to come. 

If you have a vision for enhancing your backyard oasis with a custom wood or composite deck, contact the experts at Universal Builders Group to start planning your perfect deck installation. As a leading home renovation service of Best Siding Repair Company for over years, their master carpenters handle deck projects of any scope from planning to passable final inspection. Reach out for a personalized design consultation and competitive project bid.

Universal Builders Group
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