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The Power of Holistic Education: Unveiling the Best School in Madurai.

Queen mira International School
The Power of Holistic Education: Unveiling the Best School in Madurai.

Did you know that only a meagre 29% of grades 6 to 12 students feel that their school environment nurtures encouragement? Holistic education distinguishes every child as a unique individual with varied strengths, interests, and needs. It emphasizes their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development by providing a comprehensive learning experience. QMIS is one of the holistic education schools at Madurai through its exemplary teaching methods allow students to thrive through challenges, instil intuitive habits, and acknowledge their strengths. Most of the top international schools which have holistic education embedded in their curriculum were able to achieve:

  • Better relationships with the school community and teachers.
  • Improved academic understanding and performance.
  • Heightened respect and empathy for others.
  • Boosted communication and motivational skills.
  • A better understanding of the world and its diverse nature.

Rewards of holistic education in CBSE schools in Tamilnadu.

Enjoyable learning environment: Through holistic education, students begin to feel supported and motivated in a classroom. They seek and apply knowledge of their interest, gain better conceptual understanding and enjoy the learning process.

Improved communication skills: Holistic education nurtures the development of effective communication skills by which students will gain confidence, and a willingness to engage in the learning process, leading to improved academic success as well.

Better student-teacher bonding: Implementing a holistic approach encourages students to develop better relationships with their teachers. This positive bonding creates a nurturing environment where they will feel valued and understood, which will boost their overall well-being. 

Learns to respect and empathise: Holistic education nurtures respect and compassion for peers by encouraging students to understand and embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Students develop empathy and a better understanding of the world and its diversity. 

Empowered Voice: In a holistic learning environment, student learn to voice their needs, and opinions, and seek help as well. Holistic education schools at Madurai, recognize their areas of strengths and weaknesses by being engaged in several collaborative activities.

Develop a broader outlook: Holistic education swells beyond typical subject content and integrates speaking, interacting, sharing, and listening into teaching practices. Students get a deeper understanding of the topics and learn to relate positive experiences to their education. 

Queen Mira International School is renowned as one of the CBSE schools in Tamilnadu for successfully blending values and co-curriculars in the school’s curriculum to achieve holistic growth of the students. Being the first CIS accredited school in the world, QMIS surpasses the standards of international learning by implementing a diverse range of ‘Student Enrichment programs’ through experiential and joyful learning. Visit the school website, to learn about their unique techniques through which holistic education is passed on to raise the changemakers of tomorrow!

Queen mira International School
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