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How To Claim Compensation for Lower Back Pain After an Accident

Adam Taub
How To Claim Compensation for Lower Back Pain After an Accident

There are many ways the lower back can get injured during slip & fall accident, but the two main reasons are: damage to the tendons and muscles or effects on the facet and sacroiliac joints. In the case of a car collision, with the high impact force, there is a great probability that soft tissues in one’s lumbar back will go through great stress and strain, even worse, rupture or sprain. When an individual stumbles and fall, these persons may land on their back and some of the lower vertebrae on the spinal column may get broken. When an accident of a sort occurs because of another person’s carelessness, one should be entitled compensation for the damage caused. The incidents aren’t directly obvious, and even for soft tissue injuries it’s really hard to provide the evidence. Los Angeles legal practitioner will collect the necessary proofs so you get all the insurance company has, or rather the amount you deserve.

Post-Accident, Individuals May Blame Lower Back Pain on Different Reasons

Evaluating lower back pain after an accident is not an easy process and sometimes the cause may not be that obvious. Some of the most common reasons for lower back pain include:

Spinal Stenosis: "Stenosis" is the disease entity, which represents the abnormal restriction of any space in the human body such as heart chamber, lung tubes, or blood passage vessels. If a bone is cracked, if the disc of the spinal cord ruptures, or even if a bone is compressed, that is vertebral compression fracture.

• Lumbar Sprains: The condition involves straining of the soft tissues that mainly occurs in the lower back and is referred to as a lumbar sprain. These injuries precisely lie in the area that is so hard to make a diagnosis.

• Herniated Discs: When the discs in the spinal column moves out of their positions, they are referred to as herniated, slipped, or ruptured diseases, which all means same injury for the same reason.

Compensation Regarding Lower-Back Injuries

On the collision of such accident caused by somebody's negligence, you may find this one yourself is a right thought to do. In a situation of a slip & fall accident, it won’t be necessary to talk with the responsible company for your policies; instead, yours is the one you have to inform first. In addition to being hurt in the lower back, you could take months (if not years) to go back to a healthy condition. Therefore, you will very likely be able to sue the at-fault driver for reckless driving. As a claimant, be it yourself who were injured on someone else’s property or the other person, you can fill a claim for damages. Some of the most common damages available in personal injury claims include:

 • Medical costs

• Loss of income

• Loss of facilities that are provided within the household, like dish and clothes washing

• Rehabilitative expenses

• Pain and suffering

• Emotional anguish

In some situations, punitive damages may be availed but are covered under a separate umbrella of the damages. On the other hand, punitive damages are only available when the defendant or any individual related parties acted intentionally with gross of recklessness. 

Our Local Los Angeles, the Personal Injury Attorneys Will Ensure That You Get Your Right Compensation for Your Injury Claims

You will experience radio lower back pain after a wreck, and certainly, you deserve compensation when this can be attributed to someone else. Whether it is a pizza box the pedestrian walked around, an oil leakage the driver drove through or the rickety stairs, the elderly stumbled through, people are prone to slipping and falling all the time. Contact our Los Angeles Slip-And-Fall Lawyer by phone or online now, to make an appointment for a free consultation and talk about some options that the law provides.

Adam Taub
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