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Navigating the Dependent Visa Australia Subclass 500: Your Comprehensive Guide

Shanza Arshad

Welcome to Atlantis Visas, your trusted partner in navigating the intricate world of Australian visa services. Today, we're exploring the Dependent Visa Australia Subclass 500, shedding light on its nuances, requirements, and benefits.

What is the Dependent Visa Australia Subclass 500?

The Dependent Visa Australia Subclass 500 is a visa category designed for family members of international students studying in Australia. It allows eligible family members to join the primary visa holder (the student) and accompany them during their studies.

Who Can Apply for Dependent Visa Australia Subclass 500?

Eligible Family Members:

Spouse or Partner:

Married or de facto partner of the primary visa holder.


Dependent children under 18 or financially dependent children over 18.

Key Features of subsequent entrant visa 500:


Dependents can enroll in study courses in Australia for up to three months.


Dependents are generally permitted to work unlimited hours once the primary visa holder commences their course of study.


Access to Australia's healthcare system is through Medicare.


The duration of the visa is tied to the primary visa holder's course duration.

Multiple Entry:

Allows various entries and exits from Australia while the visa is valid.

How to Apply for subsequent entrant visa 500:

Step 1: Gather Documents

  • Passport details of the dependent(s)
  • Relationship evidence (marriage certificate, birth certificates)
  • Financial evidence demonstrating the ability to support dependents
  • Health insurance for dependents
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) of the primary visa holder

Step 2: Lodge the Application

Apply online through the Department of Home Affairs website or a registered migration agent.

Step 3: Wait for Processing

Processing times vary but can typically take several weeks. Ensure all required documents are submitted to avoid delays.

Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist:

  1. Passport details
  2. Relationship evidence
  3. Financial evidence
  4. Health insurance
  5. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Requirements for subsequent entrant visa 500:

Financial Capacity:

Must demonstrate the ability to cover living expenses in Australia.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance coverage must be provided for the stay.

Genuine Relationship:

Evidence of a genuine relationship between the primary visa holder and the dependents.

No Previous Visa Violations:

Applicants must not have previously breached visa conditions in Australia.

Working Rights:

Dependents of Subclass 500 visa holders generally have unrestricted work rights once the primary visa holder commences their course of study. This allows dependents to contribute to the family income and gain valuable work experience in Australia.


The subsequent entrant visa 500 is a vital pathway for family members to accompany international students during their studies in Australia. Its study, work, and healthcare provisions offer a well-rounded experience for dependents. By understanding the requirements and procedures involved, applicants can navigate the process smoothly with the assistance of Atlantis Visas.

For more information and personalized assistance, contact Atlantis Visas today. Let us help you make your journey to Australia a seamless one!

Shanza Arshad
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