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Work and Migrate: Exploring Top In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand

Abhiram M
Work and Migrate: Exploring Top In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand

Are you considering migrating to New Zealand? Explore the country's thriving job market and discover the most in-demand occupations. With the labour shortages, immigrating with one of these sought-after jobs can streamline your transition. From tech to healthcare, New Zealand offers lucrative opportunities for skilled professionals seeking a fresh start in a picturesque setting.

In New Zealand, migrants hunting for jobs relied on specialized lists: the Long-Term Skill Shortage List, the Regional Skill Shortage List, and the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List for Canterbury. As migrants pursued employment opportunities, these lists provided crucial direction and insight into areas of high demand within the job market.

In 2022, New Zealand streamlined its immigration process by introducing the Green List, consolidating high-demand jobs. Tier 1 roles on this list offer a direct path to residence, while Tier 2 positions lead to Work to Residence. This update provides promising prospects for individuals eyeing relocation to New Zealand. However, securing a visa and often a job offer remains essential to realizing this dream.

In this article, we will delve into some of the high-demand skills in the job market and the most in-demand jobs across different sectors facing skill shortages in New Zealand.

Skills in High Demand in New Zealand

Understanding the vital skills for job success is crucial for effectively navigating New Zealand's dynamic employment landscape. As we explore these essential skills, we will reveal the traits highly valued by employers, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

·  Nursing

With a high demand for qualified nurses in New Zealand, those trained in providing comprehensive patient care are in great demand, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19.

·  Project Management

Businesses in New Zealand seek skilled project managers to ensure smooth operations and timely project completion. Besides industry-specific knowledge, strong communication and organizational skills are crucial for success in this role.

·  Customer Service

Effective communication and patience are highly valued skills across industries, from retail to IT. Previous customer service experience can significantly boost job prospects in this area.

·  Trades

Hands-on skills are highly sought, and there is a growing demand for tradespeople in construction, plumbing, electrical work, and welding. Technical expertise and experience in these areas open doors to plentiful job opportunities.

·  Design

Creatives with a flair for design have numerous opportunities in New Zealand, spanning graphic design, interior design, architecture, and more.

Exploring New Zealand's Most In-Demand Jobs

Let us take a closer look at the In-demand jobs in New Zealand! From doctors to engineers, there is a high demand for skilled professionals across various fields. Whether you are passionate about healthcare or technology, a promising opportunity is waiting for you.

·  Registered Nurses

·  General Practitioners

·  Teachers

·  IT Professionals

·  Engineers

·  Scientists

·  Surveyors

·  Chefs

·  Accountants

·  Truck drivers

·  Electricians

·  Plumbers

·  Automotive workers

·  Construction workers

·  Agricultural and Forestry workers

So, let us discover the exciting world of in-demand jobs in detail.

1.    Registered Nurses

·  Specializations include aged care, pediatric care, and mental health.

·  Salaries range from 64,000 NZD to 135,000 NZD annually.

·  Immigration requires registration with the Nursing Council of New Zealand and relevant experience.

2.    General Practitioners

·  Essential in local healthcare centres.

·  Salaries vary from 145,000 NZD to 210,000 NZD.

·  Immigration may require registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

3.    Teachers

·  Positions available from preschool to university level.

·  High school educators earn between 58,000 NZD and 71,000 NZD.

·  University professors can earn up to 200,000 NZD.

·  Immigration requires registration with the Teaching Council of Aotearoa and relevant teaching experience.

4.    IT Professionals

·  High demand for roles like Web Developers and Software Developers

·  Average salary is 124,000 NZD

·  Immigration typically requires a bachelor's degree in the relevant field.

5.    Scientists

·  Various science jobs, such as environmental scientists and food technologists, offer opportunities.

·  Salaries vary but average around 84,000 NZD annually.

6.    Psychologists


  • New Zealand’s healthcare system is experiencing heightened strain, leading to increased demand for mental health support.
  • Psychologists, with salaries ranging from NZD 92,000 to 128,000 annually, play a vital role in meeting this demand.
  • Career prospects for psychologists remain vital for 2023 and beyond.
  • The enduring need for quality mental health support guarantees psychologists a stable and rewarding career path.


7.    Engineers:

·  New Zealand offers abundant opportunities in various engineering fields like Chemical, Material, Electrical, Industrial, and Environmental Engineering.

·  Immigration typically requires a bachelor's degree or higher in the relevant field.

·  Salaries range from around 60,000 NZD to well above 100,000 NZD annually, with potential for higher earnings based on experience and role.

8.    Electrical and Telecommunication Engineers:

·  Vital roles in maintaining electronic infrastructure, particularly after natural disasters

·  Salaries range from around 65,000 NZD annually with some experience to up to 140,000 NZD for senior positions.

·  Immigration requirements are like other engineering roles, typically requiring a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification.

9.    Civil Engineers:

·  It is in high demand due to large construction projects.

·  Immigration requirements include a bachelor's degree in the field.

·  Civil Engineers earn around 100,000 NZD annually, while Civil Engineering Managers may earn up to 160,000 NZD.

·  Draughtspersons can earn up to 70,000 NZD or up to 110,000 NZD with experience.

10. Surveyors:

·  Need for Surveyors, especially in Auckland.

·  Overseas workers can qualify as land or Quantity Surveyors.

·  Entry-level salaries range from 45,000 NZD to 95,000 NZD.

·  Experienced Surveyors earn 100,000 NZD to 150,000 NZD, with Quantity Surveyors typically earning more.

11. Electricians and Plumbers:

·  High demand for repairs and new builds.

·  Electricians need New Zealand registration or Electrical Workers Registration Board certification.

·  Plumbers require registration with the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board and 12 months of experience.

·  Hourly pay ranges from 33 to 39 NZD, with apprenticeships available.

12. Other Construction Workers:

·  Various roles like Project Managers, Carpenters, and Glaziers are also needed.

·  Immigration may require relevant qualifications.

·  Salaries average around 72,000 NZD, ranging from below to over 170,000 NZD annually, depending on experience.

13. Graphic Designer 


  • New Zealand has a high demand for creative artists, especially those with specialized computer graphics abilities.
  • Visual communicators are responsible for inspiring customers with their art, applicable across various industries, notably retail.
  • Salary Ranges from NZD 59,000 to 71,000 annually.


14. Accountants and Procurement Managers:

·  Accountants earn an average salary of around 82,000 NZD annually.

·  Accountants need at least three years of experience and certification from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

·  Procurement Managers earn approximately 90,000 NZD annually.

·  Procurement Managers require five years of relevant experience and a CIPS level 6 diploma.

15. Chefs:

·  Demand for Chefs in tourism hubs like Queenstown and Wanaka.

·  Hourly rates range from around 23 NZD for Chef de Partie to 38 NZD for Head Chefs.

16. Truck Drivers:

·  Essential for various roles like intercity postal delivery and construction materials transportation.

·  Requires a New Zealand-recognized Level 4 or 5 heavy vehicle license and at least five years of experience.

·  Average annual salary ranges from NZD 55,000 to NZD 65,000, with experienced or specialized Heavy Truck Drivers earning more.

17. Automotive Workers:

·  Automotive Electricians, Diesel Motor Mechanics, Vehicle Painters, and Panel Beaters are in demand.

·  Hourly rates range from 21 to 44 NZD, depending on the role.

·  Qualifications typically include an NZQF level 4 or higher and relevant experience.

18. Manufacturing Specialists:

·  Composite Technicians, Metal Fabricators, Electric Line Mechanics, and others are sought after.

·  Salaries range from around 40,000 NZD to 75,000 NZD annually.

·  Typically, they require an NZQF level 4 or higher qualification for a working visa.

19. Adventure Workers:

·  Skilled individuals in skydiving, snow sports instructing, and horse jockeying are in high demand.

·  Outdoor Instructors can earn around 44,000 to 58,000 NZD annually.

·  Horse trainers' pay varies with experience, requiring four years of experience.

·  Snow Sports Instructors need an approved qualification and two years of experience.

20. Agriculture and Forestry Workers:

·  There is a high demand for Dairy Farmers, Beekeepers, Arborists, and Winemakers.

·  Median salary is 60,000 NZD.

·  Requirements vary but may include an NZQF qualification and several years of experience.

In addition to the highlighted professions, numerous other roles are in demand across various sectors in New Zealand. From healthcare to hospitality, skilled professionals such as physiotherapists, HVAC mechanics, and childcare workers are sought after. Likewise, positions in management, including hospitality and HR managers, remain in high demand. Additionally, IT security specialists, administrative assistants, and bartenders are also needed, reflecting the country’s diverse employment landscape.

Whether through skilled migration programs or specialized visas, the country offers multiple pathways for employment. With its diverse job market and welcoming immigration policies, New Zealand continues to attract skilled workers worldwide.

For further assistance with immigration inquiries, feel free to contact us at ImmiEd Global. Our team includes experienced immigration lawyers and overseas study consultants dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful immigration journey to New Zealand.


Abhiram M
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