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How to Use Cricut Maker: Create a Siser EasyColor DTV Project!

Ryan william

Have you just bought a new Cricut Maker and are wondering how to use Cricut Maker? This brilliant Cricut machine may be overwhelming for beginners, but it is simpler than you think. You get many amazing features with this crafting machine. Let’s get ready to use it and make creative DIY projects with it. I will tell you how to prepare a desired project using this Cricut cutting machine.

Cricut Maker offers various adaptive features that help you create unique and beautiful projects effortlessly. Plus, you get a slot for inserting pens and a number of Cricut tools and supplies. It will be all fun to create something with this ultimate machine. Here, I’ll tell you the best methods to prepare personalized apparel using Siser EasyColor DTV. You’ll learn more about it later in this blog. So, let’s get started.

Supplies and Tools You Will Need for Your Cricut Project

Before we get started to learn how to use Cricut Maker, you must gather some important accessories. I’m listing all of the best accessories here. Use them and follow my step-by-step instructions to create your own project. Check the steps below.

● Brand new Cricut Maker or Explore

● Siser EasyColor DTV

● Siser Easy Mask

● An inkjet printer

● Cricut StandardGrip mat

● A weeding tool

● A Cricut EasyPress

● A Cricut scraper tool

Let me tell you what a Siser EasyColor DTV is. It is an iron-on vinyl type that is typically used on lighter blanks such as garments, T-shirts, etc. This unique vinyl is very convenient and useful for creating better designs and sublimation projects. Let’s check the complete method to create the best project.

How to Use Cricut Maker to Make Personalized Apparel?

Finally, we are here to learn the process of creating personalized T-shirts. So, before we move on to the final steps, measure your blank so that you can create an appropriate design. So, let’s check how to use Cricut Maker for beginners.

Step 1: Upload an SVG File to Cricut Design Space

In the first and foremost step, you’ll need to upload your SVG design file to the Cricut software. If you want, you can create a design manually as well. Once you’re ready, just resize your design and make it fit to your blank.

As you’ll have to print this image, ensure that your Cricut machine will recognize it as a printable file and not a file to be cut. To ensure this, choose your image and hit the Flatten option beneath the Layers Panel.

After that, your Cricut machine will show a preview of the image. When you’re ready, just click the Make It button. And now, this design will go through a Print Then Cut feature. To access it, hit the Continue button.

In the next step, you’re allowed to send that image to your inkjet printer and select the paper type you want to print on. I prefer specialty matte. You can select one based on your printer. Get ready with your printer and insert the Siser EasyColor DTV into it.

Step 2: Start Cutting the Siser EasyColor DTV

In the following step, you’ll need to cut your material. On your Cricut machine, select your material as Premium Vinyl Permanent Glossy and set the pressure to More using the drop-down menu.

Next, load your vinyl material on the Cricut mat at the left-side corner and make it stick to the mat using a brayer tool. Now, load the mat with vinyl into the Cricut machine and hit the Play button to allow your Cricut to cut the image. Continue with the steps to learn how to use Cricut Maker.

Once the cut is done, take off the paper sheet from your mat, turn the mat over, and take the mat away from your DTV. Please note that you don’t have to peel off the DTV from the mat. You can also use a pair of scissors to cut the design if necessary.

Step 3: Weed Out the Excess Vinyl

Once you cut your design, you should weed out the excess vinyl from your design. Do this carefully, so that your design doesn’t ruin. This step will add more detail to your project.

Note: DTV material is light and fragile and can easily be pulled back from the sheet. Hence, you may need to cover it with a mask to prevent it from pulling away and not sticking again.

Step 4: Cover Your Image With a Mask

Since, you know that your design needs a mask to prevent itself from damage. I’ll recommend you to use the Siser EasyMask. Although, I struggled a bit, but soon I grasped the trick to use it.

Moving forward, cut your mask to the size of your design. Now, take off the transparent film from the mask and then apply the mask alone to your DTV image. Moreover, ensure that the final design is flat and that there are no air gaps between the mask and the design.

Afterward, scrape off the final design using a scraper tool. Use that tool on both sides of your design and then peel it away from your design.

Step 5: Transfer Your Design to Apparel

Then, you have your design covered with a transfer mask. It’s time to preheat your apparel using an EasyPress to a temperature of 340 F. To prevent your apparel from excessive heating, you can take a pillow and use it between the garment layers. After that, preheat your apparel for about 15 seconds before you finally transfer the design.

After preheating, you can add the final design on your onesie. Plus, again apply heating for 30 seconds, and this time you’ll finally transfer the design. After pressing the design for sometime, take away the mask sheet from the apparel. Make sure that your vinyl sticks perfectly to the apparel.

This design is so amazing; I love making it. This is how to use Cricut Maker to reap good results. All the best to all of you who are keen to make something unique and precise.


How to Use a Cricut Maker to Make Shirts?

To create a shirt with your Cricut cutting machine, you’ll need to use the Cricut Design Space and a heating press to create a desired design. Get started with the Cricut software, make a design, resize it, and then print and cut it with your Cricut machine. Now, weed away the excess vinyl, and then preheat it with your Cricut heat press, and give a final heat to it.

Which Heat Press Is Suitable for Making an Iron-on Cricut Project?

As there are many options to create an iron-on Cricut project, you can use any of them depending on your requirements. So, the common machines are Cricut EasyPress, Cricut EasyPress 2 & 3, Cricut EasyPress Mini, etc. You can utilize a heat press to transfer the design to your apparel effortlessly.

Can You Use Regular Iron With a Cricut Machine?

Yes, you can. A regular iron is also effective for your minimalist iron-on projects. However, a regular iron may not deliver the results you want and not give a permanent design. Overall, we can say you can use a household iron for normal, sensitive projects but not for complex projects.

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