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SetCalc Uses AI to Reinvent the Car Accident Settlement Calculator

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SetCalc Uses AI to Reinvent the Car Accident Settlement Calculator

Car accident and other personal injury case values can now be estimated by artificial intelligence.

Los Angeles, California, April 12, 2024.

SetCalc is excited to announce the public launch of an Artificial Intelligence Settlement Calculator for car accident claims, as well as other areas of personal injury such as slip and fall, wrongful death, workers comp, product liability, and more. Get more information about pain and suffering settlement calculator

Injured parties or their family members can use SetCalc to find out what their case is worth free here: https://setcalc.com/

No other publicly available AI settlement calculator empowers the injured to get a better understanding of what their case may be worth, for all injury case types, in all 50 states.

Critically, The Company believes SetCalc provides superior case analysis with its ability to understand language, empowering the injured to receive a case value estimate based on the story of what happened, the exact details of injuries, impact on quality of life, and the unique personal situation of each individual.


SetCalc can estimate how much the injured will get paid for specific auto accident injury categories, including trucking accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, Bus accidents, FedEx and UPS driver accidents, as well as all other commercial vehicle accident types.

SetCalc can also estimate what an injury case is worth for pedestrian, motorcycle, or even bicycle and electric scooter injuries.


Users simply enter info about an injury case and SetCalc is able to calculate an estimate of its value. Answer multiple choice questions, and if desired, users may provide a written description which can significantly impact the estimate.


Virtually all other injury settlement calculators use basic formulas to calculate case values. While these may be useful to get a general idea about case values, they are generic and fall short of the capabilities of the latest AI technology.


There are several reasons to choose SetCalc over other options.

Other settlement calculators don't allow users to tell the story of their injury and how it's impacting their life in a way where it actually factored into the automatic settlement calculation. These can majorly impact potential settlement size.

SetCalc is the only settlement calculator that understands language. While SetCalc's form is structured to gather traditional data via multiple choice questions, an important part of the case calculation is the description provided by users.

Users can tell SetCalc what happened, describe injuries, as well as unique personal situations. SetCalc will factor these in, using one of the most powerful AI systems available, to predict exactly what an injury case may be worth.

SetCalc performs location-specific calculations. While other calculators may provide the same rough estimate based on generic information no matter where the injury took place, SetCalc factors in location. This is critical, here is just one example of why:

The average car accident settlement in New York is $287,000, while the national average is $29,524. This means the average settlement in New York is nearly ten times (10x) higher than the US average.

Yet other settlement calculators may give the same estimate for every state.

SetCalc believes this is unacceptable. If an estimate is 10x or even 2x too low, an injured person may dramatically undervalue a case and accept an offer that is completely inadequate, which may not cover all long-term or even short-term medical needs, not to mention compensation for pain and suffering injured parties are entitled to receive.

The Company believes that AI analysis of case details and written descriptions, combined with a location-specific estimate, puts SetCalc far ahead of other settlement calculators.

Jump straight to SetCalc's injury settlement calculator here: https://setcalc.com/get-started

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Disclaimer: SetCalc does not claim settlement estimates performed by our service, or AI in general, are reliable or superior to estimates generated in other ways. All statements are purely the opinions of the Company, which are biased in favor of the company's products and services. Do not rely on SetCalc for legal information. The company strongly recommends consulting with an attorney.

cipada anlubi
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