Software Reverse Engineering Tools

Dennis Turpitka
Feb 03, 2017 15:23

In this article, I will tell about the main tools that a modern software reverser uses in his work.

This article is for readers, who are familiar with the Assembler language, network interaction principles, and have experience of programming for Windows using API functions.

Written by:
Sergey Prepodobniy,
Researcher of Driver R&D Team


1. Applications for software reverse engineering

1.1. IDA-Pro, Hex Rays

1.2. CFF Explorer

1.3. API Monitor

1.4. WinHex

1.5. Hiew

1.6. Fiddler

1.7. Scylla

1.8. Relocation Section Editor

1.9. PEiD

2. Practical software reverse engineering examples to show tools

2.1. Opening of the researched executable in IDA-Pro

2.2. Getting the information about the packer in PEiD

2.3. Unpacking with CFF Explorer

2.4. Modification of the executed statements in Hiew

2.5. Deleting a value from the Relocation table by means of Relocation Section Editor

2.6. Modification of a value in the Relocation table by means of CFF Explorer

2.7. API Monitor

2.8. WinHex

2.9. Scylla

3. Sources

 Full text: https://www.apriorit.com/dev-blog/366-software-reverse-engineering-tools

Dennis Turpitka
Feb 03, 2017 15:23
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