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Handheld mobile phone jammer GSM, UMTS, LTE or GPS, Wi-Fi, Six antennas

wang tao
Handheld mobile phone jammer GSM, UMTS, LTE or GPS, Wi-Fi, Six antennas

Everything has two sides, it hängt, on how you use it. If you use it properly, köcan, take advantage of it!
The so-called "vehicle lock-Störsender" is a signal shielding, the electromagnetic shielding of the vehicle remote control &Ndash;causes the transmission of an electromagnetic wave, so that the vehicle is in a state of "false lock". Interference with the performance of the range of Stöcan rsendern a range to a small Parking area specänkt, wäwhile others on Zhou Bian kö be extended;can.
mobile phone störsender 

Lock your car jammers

GSM mobile phone blocker

 Störsender.It is understood that the interference is provided with a total of 10 buttons of different frequencies. Für the different models, in which the Twist—are mighty on the corresponding frequency is adjustable, lock the Vehicle electronics in the range of several tens of meters malfunction in a "False-lock" condition.

Jammer "so terrible, then, the owner, how so clearly?

The easiest way is the owner of the car with the key to not leave sselschloss on the remote control to, in a hurry, the Tür again, to determine the Tür on the lock and then leave. Further precautions  - acceptance is also important, the heißt, Park müwe have to pay attention to Zhou Bian. There are no triple—to ancient people, when verd—are powerful people, are not in a hurry to go, and in time to warn. Schließlich, you should not leave as a precautionary measure, cash, Bank cards, documents and other valuables in the car unattended. Darüber addition, the Installation is the best car to have a mechanical lock, steering wheel lock and to give the like bluetooth rsender..

Enter the word "Auto-Störsender" Online search a little, we see a lot of relevant information über the Störsender remote control. Do you have information über: sale of various types of car Remote Decoder, Störsender, remote control Blocker, Chinese Blocker, Remote-crackers, car-lock to quickly lock the tool. After Leaving the website, the phone number of a man referred to as a remote control signal Scrambler of large, medium and small three models, respectively, are known, kö, can all Türen of the car in a range of 100 meters , 50 meters, 30 meters from the original–the initial car, the Installation of Remote Locking is also good. The product can support für all the species in the production of car remote control lock, subtle and strong, easy to use.You replied to said the phone, now popular car remote control Signal Abfangjäger, more hidden, the effect is reliable—allowed, even if the owner of the Tür with a remote control locked, the Abfangjäger is also a self –can open.

you may have noticed, such a Situation that the majority of L—have banned the use of Sperrger—ten. Many people think that to be true, this is the reason why you try to do something to allow the government to lift the ban. Have you ever wondered why this Geräte are disabled? The answer is simple - she has a lot of negative impact on society, because they have some of the Gründe dafür erklärt..

you know the first 4G-cell-Störsender, GPS-Störsender and any other kind of Blockierger’t a militärische invention. Störsender play in many aspects of security play a positive role, because many modern explosives are by a simple phone call is triggeredöst, since the Stöblock rsender the radio signals, in order for hrt to f–that the remote control für blast is not used. A few years später some of the größten manufacturers, you of this technology, a größeren Use kö, can,, and decided to dafür, the Interferenzgerät für social production invadeühren.

Almost everyone started to buy equipmentüstung, and to use them. But the government hält it is for this reason that für inappropriate, the use of Schlöto prohibit waters, such as police stations and hospitals—users, because 1. if there is such a Gerät, which means that the Behöcan be no phone calls from l’other Bürgern get kö. Can the treatment time of the patient verzöand the death of führen GPS Störsender.nbsp;

Whether or not the use of Stöis allowed rsendern, hängt from the government. If you think that this is a very nüadditional Gerät für köcan you buy on the Internet. In regards to the bad aspect of köcan radio waves für the human brain is a minor injury, and even severe headaches führen. But in the technological development of radio today, in our allgegenw—like life, mobile, phone, etc.! If you need it, köcan you be sure that the use of its human Schäis very low, and mobile phones are of concern are basically the same, so no.


wang tao
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