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Improve Your Company’s Marketing Game with Outsourcing

John Tailor
Improve Your Company’s Marketing Game with Outsourcing

Even though marketing is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks in the modern business world, some SMB owners are still convinced that starting their own in-house department is the right way to go. However, in order to make this claim, one would have to go through all the advantages that outsourcing has to offer and still assume that they can do better, which is a no small feat. With this in mind, here are just some ways in which your company’s marketing game gets improved through outsourcing.

Marketing is an incredibly complex industry

The very term marketing is a notion that, in 2018, incorporates so many different disciplines and sub-categories. The division of digital and traditional marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, you have the email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, networking, telemarketing, product placement, post-sale-follow-up and many, many other types of business promotion. Now, each of these types of marketing has its own rules and tricks of the trade, which means that going with a professional marketing agency gives you more flexibility and more adaptability. In other words, it diversifies your marketing to suit your current needs.

Keeping up with new trends

In the previous section, we listed just some of the marketing categories that are out there, in fact, each of the above-listed is something that even the smallest of businesses use on a daily basis. However, things tend to get even more complicated, seeing as how these fields keep evolving, which means that new trends emerge on a daily basis. Unlike your in-house team, a specialized agency has a much better shot at keeping up with all these latest changes and applying them to your own benefit.

It’s never been easier

Although they are well aware of the advantages of outsourcing, a lot of people have never used this options for the simple reason of it “being too complicated to get started”. Well, in 2018, this is no longer the case. In fact, there are so many great outsourcing platforms out there you can turn to, some of which focus on certain popular outsourcing regions. For instance, if one wants to outsource to a Hong Kong-based company, all they have to do is use the 2Easy platform and adjust with filters until they find the digital agency that fits their criteria. In other words, it takes several seconds to find a list of suitable outsourcing candidates.

You can purchase experience

The reason why so many professional marketing agencies charge that much for their services is due to the fact that you have a once-upon-a-lifetime opportunity to actually buy experience. Sure, you can hire the most promising candidates for your in-house team, equip them with all the latest tools of the industry and even send them on all the courses and seminars, yet, you will still have to wait for them to become as adept as niche veterans. This is something that takes time and, no matter how much money you pour over your in-house marketing department, you just can’t facilitate the pace at which they are gaining experience.

Network of contacts

The final advantage that a professional marketing agency has to offer is a developed network of contacts within their own niche. Even the most versatile company isn’t equally as great in all aspects of digital marketing, luckily, they don’t actually have to be. While they may not have the designer you need in their employ, they most certainly know how and where to find one when you need them. Moreover, if the task at hand seems too daunting for them to tackle alone, they can easily reach out to a partner they can collaborate with on the project.


While some may claim that your in-house department can eventually become as proficient, not a lot of companies have the luxury of time and money to wait for this to happen. Another problem with this argument is that the people who make it tend to see outsourcing as a temporary solution when even conglomerates that employ millions of people keep outsourcing on a regular basis.

John Tailor
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