How To Chat Between Computers via LAN Messenger?

Samantha Smith

Modern technologies make communication in the network the most convenient, free and high-quality means of communication. There is a mass of programs and technologies for this. What program did you now remember? Skype, right? Good program - do not argue. But tell me, do you need all of its bells and whistles, do you use them? And how do you deal with sound quality? Is it good? And on the basis of what you decided so - compared it with another program for messages? Of course not.


We are victims of active advertising on the Internet of this program. Do you want me to list a few cons of this monster Internet connection?

Size of the program
Computer resource consumption
There is a limitation on the minimum link speed
A heap of various, unnecessary functions and additions
Interruption of communication and interference
Using the Internet

It is possible to enumerate for a long time.

I think that you understand what I'm leading to. I suggest you take advantage of a replacement, an alternative to Skype. Meet - a tiny, easy, simple program for text communication on the network with unsurpassed quality - Softros LAN messenger !!! Do you know how much it consumes the resources of your PC? Less than usual internet messenger. P

Softros works on p2p-channel on your local network and does not need any internet.

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Samantha Smith
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