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Will Codeless Test Automation Overcome Conventional Test Automation Completely?

Claire Mackerras
Will Codeless Test Automation Overcome Conventional Test Automation Completely?

We all know the truth that IT companies face immense pressure for delivering quality products and solutions. Not just that, they have to develop these perfect pieces of code on time and at a reasonable price.

Maintaining all these factors is a daunting task and one need to make sure that the quality does not drop with the price tag. And this is where the things might get complicated. A software company needs to be sure that they are getting a better return on investment with this as well.

How Can It Be Done?

Now that is a fine question. Testing software can be a solution but it will increase the investment and time from your part.

Is There Nothing We Can Do???

There are some things which we can do to make sure that the end-product is of fine quality and the ROI it generates will balances the equation.

The answer lies in the codeless test automation. Yes, the conventional test automation is comparatively expensive and tedious if we compare it with the codeless test automation.

Let’s discuss more conventional test automation in the following section,

Traditional Automated Testing 

traditional automation testing

The first thing that you need to understand is the conventional test automation relies completely on its scripting. The developer/tester needs to create a script for testing, and then the testing team must run the script in the compatible background with the help of the testing tools. When we talk about teams, creating scripts parallel with development process is an arduous task and very time-consuming. Now, remember, it can lead your product to an inadequate testing procedure which is time-consuming as well.

In short, traditional automation testing is a procedure which requires a lot of manual steps.

This is why codeless test automation can be the ultimate solution for software testing realm.

Codeless Test Automation

codeless testing

When you need to automate the codeless testing, as per its name, it stands up to the mark. There is no code required to automate the procedure. You simply need to pick some of the boxes, design loops and save them. Whenever you run the testing script it will follow the hierarchy defined by you. It is much faster procedure than any other procedure so far. In this way, a tester can generate scripts with simple functional knowledge.

Codeless test automation tools will make it a child’s play with a user-friendly GUI. Simply put, codeless testing tools will add layers of abstraction which will help you in hiding codes for testers in the interface.

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Why You Need Codeless Testing Automation?

There are many reasons for a tester to go for codeless automation; some of the reasons are given below,

  • When you are automating a test scenario, there is no requirement of coding exposure.
  • With the help of user-friendly GUI, testers can easily generate test scripts.
  • Domain experts and business analysts can easily review the test script.
  • It is super easy to make changes and maintain an application.
  • All the complex test scripts can be streamlined with much ease.
  • The test coverage is comparatively higher.

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Despite the name codeless automation, it is always a controversial topic when we say is it really codeless. Yes, it is a fact that you don’t need to possess any extensive coding skills when creating or modifying any test script. Still, there are many testers who argue that these testing tools can be way too good if coding knowledge comes into play. It is just like the CMS (Content Management Software) WordPress. Without code, you can use it; with the code you will conjure it.

I hope that this post will help you and understand the value of codeless automation testing procedure. A lot of businesses are using it, maybe that will be your getaway. Have a good one till then!!!


Claire Mackerras
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