Discord is an application dedicated to all the gamers around the world. The main reason for the success of Discord is, it is free of cost and it provides hassle-free voice and text chat experience! It also helps gamers to have a voice chat while playing and also allows them to make communities and interact with their gaming friends outside of the game. That is why there were 2.2 billion active gamers found in the world who generated near about 108.9 billion in game revenues last year.

Discord business model is the only game based business model that connects the gamers and has been successful by its unique idea though it provides free service to its users. 

What is Discord?

Discord is a one in all application which includes text, voice and video chat. That is why it is widely used by many gamers around the world. It focuses on hassle-free voice, text and video chat experience during the game and also helps its users to build communities outside the game. Even though, Discord’s target market is gamers; the platform is used by many other interest groups ranging from music, art, entrepreneurship, spirituality, etc.

When one uses Discord, he participates in themed servers which can be created by anyone logged in the application. And the same server can be joined by others who have the invite or participation link sent by any user of the application. While the server admin can host the text and voice channels which are used by the members to discuss different topics. Let’s see how does Discord work & makes money.

How does Discord Work?