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What is Zupyak?
Zupyak is the worlds largest content marketing community. With over 300 000 member businesses, users come to Zupyak to distribute their content, and to find content partnership and collaboration opportunities within any industry imaginable.
Zupyak facts
300 000 users
65% Small businesses
400+ industries
3 million pieces of content on the platform
What is the Zupyak Premium product?
The Zupyak premium offering is designed for businesses who want to maximize their visibility on Zupyak and search engines and grow their business, as well as find guest post and link exchange opportunities with verified users in the community.
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Whats included in the Premium package?
Unlimited article posting
With the Zupyak premium product, you can post an unlimited number of articles on the platform. With the free version, you are limited to one article per month.
Contact verified users on the platform for link collaboration and guest post exchange
Contact publishers on Zupyak to discuss partnerships, link exchange or other opportunities you may come across when reading content on Zupyak.
Ability to list your products and services
List the products and services you offer on your profile. The products and services will be indexed
Your own company profile page, with a link to your website
Get your own profile page, where you can describe your business and guide customers directly to your website.
What Our Customers Think
Hear why a few of our customers think
I’ve been using Zupyak to distribute our content for a few years. It’s a great way to distribute our content to our audience which is in a small niche (accounting).
Accounting company
Fort Lauderdale, USA
We were able to find several industry specific link partnership opportunities through Zupyak, boosting our content and websites of our clients.
Medium sized agency
Mumbai, India
Through listing our stock screener product on Zupyak, we’ve gained several customers who found us in the search results. Before Zupyak, we had to pay for search engine advertising to get these customers.
Software company
Bratislava, Slovakia