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Publishing related

Is it free to publish on Zupyak?

It is completely free to publish your content on our site, you can sign up and start to post now.

Is there any editors on your site to curate the content?

Zupyak is running without editors, it is purely driven by our community and algorithms.

Content related

Do you accept casino, sports betting, and forex content?

The content you published on Zupyak must be in one of the following categories: technologies, startups, investment, marketing, products, services, business. No violent, adults, and racial content are allowed.

Do you allow do-follow links and how long the content will be kept?

All the links are do-follow by default and we keep content permanently.

Sponsored post and affiliation

How much does it cost for sponsored post?

It is free to post on Zupyak, we don’t charge on your post.