10 Reasons to Learn Python in 2019

Abhi Dogra

10 Reasons to Learn Python in 2019 - If you want to learn Python but are not confident why you should do this then here are 9 reasons which highlight the advantages of learning Python in 2019.

Though, it depends on the individual. For a starter, learning Python makes sense because it's easy. For an experienced programmer who is seeking to go into Machine learning and Data Science, learning Python makes sensibility because it’s fast becoming the most used programming language and there are influential APIs and libraries applicable for AI, machine learning and data science.

Here are 10 reasons 10 Reasons to Learn Python in 2019

1. Data Science

This is the simple biggest 10  Reason to Learn Python in 2019. I know many persons who are bored with their Java programming jobs in investment banks and are learning Python to make a career in data science due to the impressive work and high pay.

But, what makes Python a favored language for data science and machine learning? Wasn't R examined the best for that not too long ago? which libraries and frameworks Python offers, e.g. PyMySQL,PyBrain and NumPy are one of the considerable reason. Another reason is diversification. Python experience confess you to do a lot more than R, e.g. you can generate scripts to automate substance, go into web development, and so much more.

2. Machine Learning

This is one more reason why programmers are learning Python in 2019. The improvement of machine learning  in last a couple of years has been fantastic and it is fastly changing everything around us.

Algorithms become more sophisticated every day, the best example being Google’s search algorithms, which can now answer what you are expecting. There are chatbots around to answer your questions.

If you are excited in machine learning, and want a project or just want to play around it, Python is the only considerable programming languages which makes it simple.

Although machine learning libraries are accessible in Java, you will find more content around Python because the developer community presently judge Python over anything else for data science and machine learning.

3. Web Development

Good old development is one other reason for learning Python. It provides so many good libraries and frameworks which make web development really simple.

A task which takes hours in PHP can be finished in minutes with Python. Python is also utilized a lot for web scraping. Some of famous websites on the Internet such as Reddit are created using Python.

4. Simplicity

This is the biggest reason for starter to learn Python. When you first begin with programming and coding, you do not want to begin with that programming language which has weird rules and tough syntax.

Python is both readable and simple. It is also easy to set up; you don’t require to compromise with any classpath problems such as Java or compiler issues like C++.

Just install Python and you are done. At the time of the installation, it will also request you to add Python to the PATH, which means that you can run Python from anywhere on your machine.


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5. Huge Community

You require a community to learn a new technology and friends are your considerable asset when it comes to learning a programming language.

Thanks to Google, you can find the solution to any Python related challenges in minutes.

6. Libraries and Frameworks

One of the correlation between Java and  Python is the erect number of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules accessible to do whatever you need to do. It makes application development really simple.

Python has various libraries for different requirements. Django and Flask are two of the most famous for web development and NumPy and SciPy are very famous for data science.

In fact, Python has one of the best collections of data science libraries and machine learning.

7. Multipurpose

One of the things I like about Python is not fixed to just one discipline, like how R is just for data science and machine learning. Learning Python means you can do many things.

You can create your web applications using Flask and Django. You can do data investigation utilizing Scikit-Learn,NumPy, NLTK and SciPy.

At a bare minimum, you can utilize Python to write scripts to automate most of your day to day exercise.

8. Jobs and Growth

Python is growing really fast and it makes a lot of sense to learn a developing programming language if you are just start your programming career.

It not only comfort you to get a job fastly but it will also advance your career growth. In my point of view, for beginners, after simplicity, this should be the most essential reason to learn Python.

9. Salary

Python developers are some of the highest paid developers, unusually in the fields of data science, machine learning, and web development.

Average salaries from $70,000 USD to $150,000 USD, depending upon experience, location, and area of speciality.

Useful Resources to Learn Python

If you decide to learn Python in 2019 then here are some of the advantageous python training in chandigarh to start your journey in the beautiful world of Python.

For programmers who already know Java or C++, learning Python not only will make you a polyglot programmer but also gives you a powerful tool to write scripts, create a web application, and open the door to the exciting fields of data science and machine learning.

Abhi Dogra
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