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12 SEO Trends for 2020 That You Need To Know

Abhi Dogra
12 SEO Trends for 2020 That You Need To Know

As online competition continues to increase and new websites are being launched, it is time to rethink your content marketing strategy and invest in SEO. Websites must meet definite requirements set by search engines such as Google, and this is where SEO strategy becomes very essential.

So, Now we discuss here 12 SEO trends for 2020 :

1.  Snippets Dominate More Search Clicks :

Google has expanded in recent years to deliver a better search experience for the user, like through Featured Snippets.

Featured Snippets often appear above the number #1 organic result, commonly specify to as “Position 0.”

To take advantage of this feature and drive more clicks to your website, you require to give clear answers to generally asked questions on your website. Featured Snippets are evaluated and boosted to the top confide on their quality, which Google has a method of decisive. Do not take this trend lightly, as 54.68% of clicks from Google originate from Featured Snippets—giving that they drive more than half of search engine clicks.

Featured Snippets represent a great chance for content creators since it provides you the capability to generate more organic traffic even if you are not ranking at the top number #1 position.

2. Influencers Should Be Leveraged for SEO

People generally feel inundated by intrusive ads and are looking for information they can trust and authentic reviews. This has led to a rise in influencer marketing. People are much more likely to engage with a respected and well-known person than they are with an ad. Digital marketers and media companies are expanding their investment in influencer marketing because it has produced excellent results. 

At first glance, you may surprise how this associate to SEO.

Hiring or partnering with an influencer can help you intensify your content reach and generate even more traffic to your website. They can also help you build valuable backlinks. As you know, backlinks are one of the most crucial factors that Google utilizes when classify a web page’s ranking.

When developing your influencer marketing strategy, consider what kind of content you want them to create and how it can link back to your website. And be sure to partner with influencers that are relevant to your industry and your audience. If they are an rule figure with a strong digital existence, their backlinks can be gold.

If you invest in influencer marketing, you will not only correct brand awareness and generate leads, but you will also boost your search engine rankings.

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3. Secure Websites Are a Must

User safety is another trend that does not suggest to have much to do with SEO, but it is very essential to the website user experience. If a user does not feel safe visiting a web page then they are very likely to leave quickly. Or if they see a Not Secure warning arrive, they may resolve to not progress to your page. As a result, high bounce rates could affect the position of the page in the organic search listing.

It is significant to enable HTTPS protocol for your site. HTTPS provides website users a secure connection that is both encrypted and authenticated. 

Google wants to provide its users with a secure browsing experience, so those that resolve HTTPS may experience a minor SEO boost.

If you are trying to collect personal information from your users on your website via a web form, then you have a liability to protect their privacy.

It is immensely important to assure your users that their data will be protected for as long as they stay on the page.

There are still many liabilities on the web, but each day there are new security measures that can be achieve into your own website.


4. Websites Optimize for Voice Search :

Before the existence of new smartphones, people searched by plugging words into search engine boxes on their desktop computers. Keywords were born from this behavior. With the growing utilization of mobile devices, voice searches are becoming a leading trend among internet users. These searches are not only done on phones, but they can also be performed on home voice assistants like the Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, etc.

Knowing how to optimize your website for voice search can help you for more organic traffic if you perceive and implement conversational searches into your SEO strategy.

But how do voice searches change SEO?

Voice searches affect SEO in a big method since it is all about asking questions via voice instead of entering search queries. After , the terms have become more conversational and targeted.

However, when utilizing voice searches the search engine must do a lot more work to get the relevant information that the user is looking for at that moment, making short choppy keywords not so significant anymore.

This change is possible considering that by the year 2020 it is expected that more than 50% of all internet searches will be initiated through voice. Therefore, your content should modify to this new trend to stand out in the current search engines.

5. Mobile UX Will Determine Your Rankings

A website that does not have a mobile version may lose most of its users in the coming years as mobile web pages are an expanding trend that will get even more leading in 2020. Especially since more people around the world are gaining smartphones as more cell phone towers are being built with better connectivity.

However, technology and how people find information through their mobile devices is getting so advanced that it is not enough to just have a mobile website- the interface has to be easy to read, grab people’s attention and then have the capability to answer their questions or at least keep them entertained.

Studies show that 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines utilizing their mobile devices. And as you can see below, searches on smartphones are 88% while searches on computers and tablets combined make up 84%:

Since more people are searching from their smartphones than from a computer, it is necessary to have a mobile version for your website to reach the most amount of people interested in your product.


6. Videos as a Source of Information

Just as voice searches are becoming much more leading, videos on the internet are also exponents on the rise. Studies show that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. In many methods, it suggests that YouTube has now become the new TV.

Current internet users, especially millennials and younger, suggest to get information through online videos, either for academic purposes or just for entertainment. That is why resolve online video should be on the radar for most businesses. A quality video can fascinate many users if it is dynamic and does not put viewers to sleep.

But how does this affect SEO?

To reach more people with your videos you require to optimize it for search users. To do this, utilize proper keywords in the description and headline of your video which will guarantee that the video reaches the largest number of people who are interested in that subject. 


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7. CTR and Dwell Time and CTR Will Become Important Ranking Factors

As people become accustomed to lightning-fast internet connections and information at their fingertips, website and email click-through rates and dwell time will matter even more to the success of your SEO efforts.

Both metrics are significant as they show great insight into the satisfaction of the web searcher. The length of time that someone lingers on a page or other links the person clicks on can inadvertently tell you, the marketer, how interested they are in your content and if they are finding the information they need.

The more time spent on a page generally indicates how satisfied a person is in finding what they are looking for. We expect the search engines to place greater value on dwell time in 2020.

One thing to note is that in SEO, dwell time is diverse than CTR in that CTR tracks the number of people who clicked on a link based on the number who saw the SERP, whereas dwell time is more interested in what people do after they click on the page, not the number of people who click on it.

8. High-quality Content is More Important Than Ever

Online ads still work for driving business, but we will see that they will get even more expensive in the coming years. And sadly, there is no guarantee that customers will reply to your ads. 

That is why creating high-quality content is an imperative element of effective SEO strategies. Users want content that is relevant, profitable and timely—and that is what Google tends to reward with higher search engine rankings. People head to search engines with questions, and your web page requires to deliver answers.

Content must be well researched and follow a logical structure that makes it simple to navigate and read.

Informative and quality articles are the only type of content that will expand a website’s popularity in 2020 and beyond. Online consumers are sudden to observe and ignore web pages or blog articles that are too salesy. 

What people want is educational content delivered to them in easy to digest forms, like blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

9. Users Demand Excellent Digital Experiences :

No matter how good your content is, none of that matters if your web page does not load speedily or if it has a complex user interface.

It’s proven that internet users leave a webpage if it does not load in a few seconds, this being a very important factor in the world of SEO. In fact, a 1-second hold in page load time can result in a great defeat for your business.

Once you improve your page speed, you also must target on the user experience. Navigation should be logical and simple to understand. Do not utilize words that are unfamiliar to your audience. While you may consider something is creative or clever, you have to put yourselves in your viewer’s shoes. Would they understand what you mean in a split-second? If not, they will bounce from your web page and return to the SERP. High bounce rates will negatively affect your search rankings.

10. Content Length Matters

We already discussed how the bar must be raised on the quality of the content that you publish, but we should talk about the length as well. Web pages that consists of longer high-quality content generally get more visibility today. But why is that? Well, the truth is that internet users prefer to get all the information they require from a single reliable source.

Studies have shown that pages that have articles of 2,000 or more words generally get more readers than an article with fewer words.

But high word count alone is not enough—the content must be extensive and rich enough to answer all the queries users have and be capable to address closely-related questions.

In addition to this, the more time users expend on a web page, the more likely Google will honor that page with more organic traffic.

Ideally, you should publish high-quality content frequently so that your website will always stay active and fresh in the eyes of Google and its ranking algorithm.

11.  Artificial Intelligence is the New Norm

Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant technologies today and is being utilized in a wide collection of industries to create unique, personalized experiences for consumers.

But how does artificial intelligence work?

Without examining into the cumbersome technical aspects, artificial intelligence has progressively learned the characteristics of what makes published articles valuable or not.

Then, AI automatically divide these web pages and determines their rankings- with very good precision. This is already a reality; companies such as Google are applying these technologies right now.

12. Use of Other Search Engines :

Currently, Google is considered the best internet search engine accessible and they are constantly updating their platform to correct user experiences. But are there other search engines that challenge with Google?

While it is unlikely that Google will suffer its fame, there are other search engines out there.

Platforms such as Amazon need you to optimize your content based on their standards, along with smaller search engines such as YouTube, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

So before posting content on your website, assure that you can have a good rating on other search-enabled platforms.


Conclusion :

SEO is very crucial today for businesses regardless of the industry. Although this does not assign only to the utilize of keywords—it also entails optimizing content for users.

After all, Google is a search engine that deal with information based on how search users behave and it’s getting more accurate, which means that each year new trends appear that change the way information is published on the internet. This ensures that all users can get their questions answered in a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

If you’re already familiar with these trends, then that’s great—it’s time to double-down on them so you can generate more targeted traffic from Google. But if you still have questions and need help with SEO services then SEO Training in Chandigarh & Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh is the right place for you. 






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