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Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes While Doing Programming Assignment

James Jenny
Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes While Doing Programming Assignment

Computer programming is a sequence of instructions that are written in an aligned way so that a computer can understand it and solve the queries wherever required. With the help of this method a computer can be controlled and tasks can be done. It is essential to write and record the program on a proper medium which will enable the computer to process everything smoothly. The programs are recorded with the use of numerical codes, and every computer consists of its own unique machine language.

programming assignment requires high skills and understanding of the machine language. This is the reason why many students are not able to do this properly and are not able to score good marks. Students have to understand that it is not an impossible task to do. They just have to know the mistakes they are making and then they can perfectly complete their programming assignments.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that students make while writing their programming assignments:

1.     Remove the fear of self-doubt: There are many students who doubt themselves before doing an assignment. In programming, you have to believe in yourself and feel confident enough to proceed. The fear of self-doubt can lead to a lot of mistakes.

2.     Don’t mess with the formatting: The Formatting should be clear enough. Don’t use a messed up program that can make the teacher realize that you are not confident enough with your work or maybe you don’t even know a lot of things.

3.     The right use of upper and lower case: There are many programs where you have to use the upper and lower cases. One cannot afford to be confused about this. Because, the confusion can prove that you are doubtful and your concepts are not clear.

4.     Use the names properly: Keep a track of the variable names and function names. It should be clear enough to understand that no mistakes are allowed in this.

5.     Say no to over-commenting: There are many students who make this mistake. Whereas over-commenting should never be used.

6.     Know the expressive value of the language: Don’t just do the programming for the sake of doing it. Understand everything you are doing so that it stays with you for a long time.

7.     Confusion with various languages: Learn the codes and understand them so that there is no confusion with IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), platforms and frameworks.

8.     No use of debugger: Many people think that programming can be done without the use of debugging tools. Don’t think like that and use these tools to make your assignment perfect.

9.     Understand the code quality: Understand your assignment so that you can feel confident while representing it.

10.                        Keep a backup of your work: This happens many times due to server and system error that people are not able to find their assignments. Therefore, always keep a backup with you of all your work.

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