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What is Face Lifting and how can improve face look without surgery?

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What is Face Lifting and how can improve face look without surgery?

At an early age, wrinkles on the face or want to stop the impact of the aging age for a few more days, due to your needs of anti-aging, now there is a growing movement of face lifting in our country. Changing the face of the face by changing facial skin is the facelift which is now also possible without surgery.

Fluid Face Lift

Fluid Facelift is a non-surgical procedure in which the person's tissue is used to make changes in the facial structure. Minimally invasive procedure in which the skin is removed without making the surgery healthy and eliminating the aging of the agents. It helps in increasing the volume in the skin areas where the skin has lost its volume.

Who can do?

Any person can lift fluid face at any age. For those who lose their skin or are too old at an early age, this process is safe and for those who want to return the lost volume of their skin in the same age, the facelift can also be used. That is, it is effective for people 20 to 60 years old. You can check here the best Skin Specialist in Jaipur.

Face Lift according to need

Firstly, the face is evaluated and three different areas are marked:

  1. The place from which to remove the volume, such as the lower part of the chin and cheeks.
  2. A place to increase the volume such as the upper part of the cheek, crown or any place that appears hollow.
  3. Places neither where neither the volume is too high nor the need to make the skin young.

Such a facelift

Firstly good quality platelet-rich plasma is obtained. The patient's own blood is taken in the same amount as it is usually extracted for blood tests. IS isolated from an FDA approved ritual to the PRP. A special technique enhances the clotting cells i.e. platelets, which contain large amounts of growth factor. This makes the body fit to build more tissue.

This increases the amount of collagen in the tissue. This is a very specialized technique that requires expertise. If the process of preparation is carried out negligently or it is not done properly then the results also become unpredictable. You can consult about the Face Lifting without Surgery visit Dermatologist in Jaipur.

At the time of evaluation of the face, a facial map is prepared and the required volume is estimated. Volume is prepared based on these plans. Two kinds of fluid mixers are made. The first mixer is condensed, with stem cells and adiposities more in number. In the second mixer, the PRP is in excess quantity. Facial Fat spots are treated by removing a small amount of fat. In places where there is a lack of volume, they are filtered on the basis of the map that was created earlier.

It increases the formation of young immature cells in the skin. This leads to the formation of collagen in the skin and the skin becomes tender and tender. Filling of vacant spots around the cheeks and nose is returned and the skin glows back.

This is profit-loss

It does not take much time practicing, and the patient's skin gets better for the next few months. Since no artificial fillers are used in it, there is no lump or inequality in the skin. In this, tissues are taken from your skin, so there is no apprehension of any kind of rejection or reaction.

No cut or incision is made in this process. Sometimes side effects such as light inflammation or mild to rashes may appear.

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