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Boost Your Business By Developing A Responsive Website

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Boost Your Business By Developing A Responsive Website

Today, internet has taken the world by a storm. Internet has become the most powerful tool and having presence online has become the need of the hour. You can boost your business by having a presence on the internet and one best way to do it is through Web Designing. In fact, it is imperative that as a responsible business owner you upgrade your presence online, with the help of a responsive website design. 

Website design India has also seen a sea of change in the last few years and 2016 is the right time to make use of responsive website design to boost your business. Aimbeat Softech Pvt Ltd is one of the best website designing company in India. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals they ensure that you achieve your business goals smoothly and quickly.

What Is Responsive Website Design And What Are Its Advantages?- View Point Of Web Designing Company In India

Responsive Website Design is a method that involves coding and designing a website in such a manner that it provides a user with optimal viewing experience. A Responsive website should enable a user to read easily and navigate the entire website with minimum panning, scrolling and resizing on desktops and mobile phones.

What Are The Advantages Of Responsive Website Design For India?

  1. It’s The New Age Web Designing

It was a simple HTML webpage even a decade back, and in last few years, the rapid changes in this field has stunned us all and we are in this age of responsive websites! Responsive web designing is one of the most powerful modern concepts in the web development arena. This concept truly speaks about the futuristic progression of websites. The websites are becoming more prepared and accessible for different devices with this concept. This new age web designing is a great step ahead towards the age of technological excellence. 

  1. Flexibility

The content on a Responsive web design moves freely on all devices and across any screen resolutions. For instance, a user gets the same experience of browsing on the mobile as well as a desktop with the help of Responsive web design.

  1. Easy To Manage

With a Responsive web design, you can have only one website and one SEO campaign running on desktop as well as mobile. This enables you as a business owner to manage your campaigns well and have better strategies rather than having separate campaigns for desktops and mobile thus saving money and resources.

  1. Responsive Web Designs Make Things Easier

Most designers say that the responsive websites are made for the lazy people. These responsive websites are simple and easy to manage. With a responsive website, you don’t have to maintain different websites for mobile devices. You can work on one single platform and keep things updated hassle free. That’s how, a responsive website makes life easier for a website owner. These websites are also very simple to handle and operate. You just need to know the basics to do the troubleshooting by yourself.

  1. Most Cost-Effective Option Today

Some website owners consider this to be an expensive development plan; however, those who have already launched their responsive website say something different. They say, it may take a bit more money to invest to hire an expert designer, but these websites are real cost savers. They can save you from lots and lots of hassles; at the same time help you save a decent amount of maintenance cost. That’s why it’s considered as one of the most cost-effective development options today!

  1. Targeting the vast Mobile Audience Group

In the last couple of years, the number of users accessing internet from a mobile device has been doubled. A report from B3 Multimedia shows that in December 2013, only 55 percent of the internet surfers were using desktops and the rest were using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Whereas the scenario was a lot different back in 2010 when almost 93 percent users were using desktops. The increasingly popular trend of mobile computing has made the webmasters become more interested about targeting mobile audience with special attention. This makes responsive web design (RWD) as the most preferred option for the web investors today!

  1. Search Engines Prefer Responsive Websites

When you’re running a business website online, you have a primary and the most obvious focus to get conversions. This can happen when you have a decent traffic funnel from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These major search engines, along with the smaller networks prefer responsive designs than others. In many research and studies, experts have found that the responsive websites rank better than other websites with similar CONTENT! If you want to conquer the search engines, you need a responsive design on your website.

  1. Improvise Conversion Rate & High Revenue Generation

Responsive websites attract higher traffic, owing to its accessibility. That will account for major conversion and hence, improve the profit margin. It also saves a lot of time for developers and businesses. Responsive web design enables the business to eliminate extra cost of outsourcing developer to develop multiple websites. In this way, it promotes the business productively.


Responsive website design helps the business, as well as a developer in terms of productivity, time, cost and even, makes webmasters put more concentration on the optimizing look of the website, instead of coding the website for different devices. It is evaluated that browsing through mobile will double as compared to desktop. Hope that you all know the benefits of Responsive web design.


Aimbeat Softech
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