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The Ultimate Guide to Miniature Schnauzers

Ashlee Ashlee
The Ultimate Guide to Miniature Schnauzers

The History and purpose of Miniature Schnauzers


The Miniature Schnauzers  are a breed of small dogs which originated from Germany. This dog by nature is intelligent, friendly and energetic with thick whiskers and wiry coats. It adapts well to all kinds of homes.


These breed of dogs are German in origin and are as old as from the 15th century, but it was until 1888, the first miniature schnauzer was not recorded. Since 1899, this dog was shown as a diverse breed. Finally, in 1926, the American Kennel Club recognized this breed.


Smaller dogs such as the Affenpinscher and the miniature poodle were bred with standard schnauzers to produce miniature schnauzers. The main goal of creating this dog was to guard the farm from rats.


Briefly About Miniature Schnauzers


The German word, Schnauzer means to snout or muzzle. This breed of dog is well known for its whiskers and bushy face. Their foreface is long with a strong nose with thick whiskers. They have a stocky and short body. Their deep-set eyes are brown, dark and small. They grow up to a height of 12 to 14 inches and they weight range is around 12 to 20 pounds max.


Generally this miniature breed has a double coat with a softer undercoat and a hard, wiry outer layer.


These dogs exist in colors from black, silver, pepper and salt whereas white miniature schnauzers are unusual, rare compared to other colors and not recognized by some dog breed kennels or associations.


Qualities of Miniature Schnauzer and its Puppies


These high-spirited dogs and their pups look really cute, alert, active, smart and friendly. People who want to raise them should know the fact that these dogs have average levels of energy and should not be over strained on any activity. They are obedient dogs that are eager to please their owner, but at times stubborn too.


To name some of the natural instincts of these dogs, they are intelligent and curious and can put themselves to trouble sometimes with these instincts. Although they look small in size, they often have big personalities as they are fast and high-spirited.


Just like terrier dogs, the miniature schnauzer also chases, digs and barks. It barks when it sees a new person or a new dog around its surroundings and this barking quality makes them a good watchdog as well.


How Do the Miniature Schnauzers React To Training Sessions & Exercise?


The mini schnauzers need good exercise and training mentally and physically and it is always a good idea to train them both ways. But you need to be patient enough to train without hurting or punishing them; else they do not cooperate well to training. So, in order to make them lively and interested in the training session, it is always advisable to train them in short sessions which would not tire them physically and mentally. In general, schnauzers are food lovers.


Once the mini schnauzer starts listening to your commands or instructions, it controls its natural instincts like barking, etc.


As long as they are in a fenced area because of their chasing instinct, you need not control them with a leash worn on to their neck. Finally, it is recommended that these miniature dogs need physical as well as mental exercise which keep them steady and healthy overall.


Hope all the dog lovers who want to raise pets got all the important information about the miniature schnauzers by now.


Pets are just like we humans and need immense care from the time they are being adopted and they automatically become one of the members of your family.

Ashlee Ashlee
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