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Are Toy Poodles Often Misunderstood?

Ashlee Ashlee
Are Toy Poodles Often Misunderstood?


Toy poodles originated from Europe in the 16th century.  Toy poodles, in general, are very good natured and suit many types of homes.


Toy Poodles – The Good Pets!


A good Toy Poodle is most trainable and one of the smartest of all the breeds.  Toy Poodles are peaceful and accepting as compared to other dogs and cats.  This breed needs regular clipping and daily exercise as it is an active and energetic dog.


Cost Of A Miniature Poodle – Depends On The Gender & Coat!


Giant and standard pups cost around $1000 on average from a reliable pup breeder. For toy poodle puppies, it can be anywhere between $1200 and $2000+ depending on the gender and coat.  Minis can go for a massive $6000 for a breed standard or as little as $700 from a reliable standard breeder.


The Smallest Poodle – Toy Or Miniature!


The Miniature Poodle stands about 15 inches tall, a little larger than a Toy Poodle.  The Toy Poodle weighs in and around 12-20 pounds.  Miniature Poodles are incredibly adaptable, easy to train and smart, so it's no surprise that they were once trendy circus dogs.


A Toy Poodle – Smallest Among All The Poodles!


Poodles are available in 3 sizes – Toy, Miniature, and Standard.  They are the same breed dogs with different sizes.  The Toy Poodle generally stands around 10 inches tall with a weight of about 6 to 9 pounds, whereas the Miniature Poodle stands up to 11 to 15 inches tall with a weight of about 15 to 17 pounds.


Poodles – Easy To Train!


Poodles are the only dog breed often misunderstood.  One might think that they are very fussy and spoiled dogs with a fancy haircut, but poodles are very intelligent.  They are very easy to train.  They require little grooming and are well-trained dogs.


Toy Poodles – Growth Stops Within a Year!


Toy poodles stop growing by the age of 6-7 months old.  After their growth stops, they may grow in weight, fill out and mature.  Similarly, miniature poodles stop growing tall by the age of 11 months to 1 year.


Life Span of Toy Poodles – Good!


People who raise a toy poodle pet will be happier compared to raising other breeds of dogs since toy poodles live as long as 18 years max although it has some inheritable health issues.


The Best Dry Dog Food For Toy Poodles – Royal Canin!


Royal Canin makes poodle adult dry dog food with beneficial nutrients. This product gives a high protein content of 28% ensuring muscle development in the poodle.


Toy Poodles Sleep Time – Decrease As They Grow!


Toy Poodle puppies up to the age of 8 months sleep anywhere between 15 to 20 hours per day.  Their sleep hours decrease as they grow.  The puppies are extremely active when awake, although they sleep quite a bit.


Toy Poodles – Health Problems


The most common health concerns for toy poodles are Addison’s disease, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, hypoglycemia, bloating, and collapsed trachea.


Bring Home a Toy Poodle Today – You Won’t Regret It


Toy poodles are perfect companions and make loyal pets. Once socialized, they are great with kids and can be the ideal pet for a household.


Though they need regular grooming, they do not shed much. Toy Poodle can be ideal for people with allergies.


Poodles are perfect for seniors. They bring love and companionship to the elderly and sometimes give them a reason to live.


Toy poodles are perfect for anyone.  So, contact a reliable breeder and begin the process of owning the ideal Toy Poodle for you.

Ashlee Ashlee
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