Is Natural Gas Renewable

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Presently there are nine main areas of source of energy. They are categorized into two categories: Renewable and Nonrenewable. So, is natural gas renewable? The answer is no. It falls under the Non-renewable energy sources that also includes coal, oil nuclear. They are accessible in restricted supplies. This is typically due to that it takes long time to replenish. Renewable sources are usually replenished easily, naturally and over short time. There are five main sources of renewable energy, solar, water, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass.

Renewable natural gas (BIOMETHANE) production

RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) or bio-methane is identical with the conventional natural gas. Thus it can be can be used by natural gas vehicles. RNG is basically biogas, it’s a gaseous compound produced by the breakdown of organic matter that has been improved by hygiene standards. Just like the usual natural gas, renewable natural gas is also used as a transportation fuel, in form of (CNG) compressed natural gas and (LNG). Liquefied natural gas. RNG has become certified as an advanced bio-fuel.

Biogas is formed from a mixture of biomass sources during bio-chemical processes, such as anaerobic and thermal chemical means like gasification. With minor alteration biogas can generate heat and electricity. For it to be used as fuel vehicles biogas can be processed to a higher purity standard by a process known as upgrading or conditioning. It involves removal of water and co2, HS and other elements. The resultant renewable natural gas is thus used in application that need high quality gas as it comparable to the natural gas

Biogas from landfills

Landfills are selected areas for dumping of waste, collected from and commercial residential and industrial, entities. They are one of the largest sources of human methane in the United States. According to the (EPA), biogas from this area is also known as landfill gas (LFG). The degradation processes take place on the ground rather than in an anaerobic site. According to EPA, on the other hand, the majority of these projects use biogas LFG to generate electricity and not to be used natural gas vehicles. (BIOMETHANE), has high content of methane than the biogas, making it more comparable to the natural gas and hence appropriate source of energy in uses that possibly will require pipeline quality gas

Biogas generation from livestock

Biogas from livestock can be used to generate RNG renewable natural gas. Animal dung is delivered and collected to a digester that optimizes and stabilizes methane generation. The reaction releases biogas that can be processed to Renewable Natural Gas that can be used to fuel natural gas motor vehicles. In US anaerobic digesters that mostly operate commercially use this RNG biogas in generation of electricity, transportation fuel.

Wastewater treatment- Biogas

Biogas, renewable natural gas can also be generated during the digestion of matter that is removed from sewer water treatment procedures. The energy produced from the wastewater could generate about 12% of electricity in US. This could prompt some manufacture of RNG to be used in to fuel motor vehicle as well.

Other sources

In addition other resources of renewable natural gas includes organic waste from institutions industries, and other commercial entities supermarkets, food industries and wholesalers, , hospitals, and educational centers , restaurants facilities. Biogas is generated from material for instance, woody stuff, crop residues, and energy crops by passing through thermo-chemical procedures, fermentation and co-digestion. This technology is happening in Europe, and rarely used in United States


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