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How can AI play a huge role in Cyber Security?

max smith
How can AI play a huge role in Cyber Security?

No doubt AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) will be the massive things in cyber security .

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Before starting the main piece of article , let's understand

  1. what is AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) ?
  2. What is the difference between AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and ML ( Machine Learning ) ?
  3. Which types of artificial intelligence applications are being used in cyber security solutions?
  4. How can AI play a huge role in Cyber Security ?


1.What is AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) ?

AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) is a science field and software that is finding the decision mechanism similar to human brain’s do . It has become a paramount part of the technology industry .

AI can do each and every things like a human do such as

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to manipulate and move objects ,etc .
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Anything you can do , AI can do better .

2. What is the difference between AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and ML ( Machine Learning ) ?

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Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence is a science field that is interested in finding solutions to complex problems like humans do.
  • A decision mechanism that is similar to a real human decision mechanism is tried to be modelled with some algorithms.
  • It is based on human intelligence .
  • The idea behind AI is to program machine to carry out tasks in more human ways or smart ways .
  • AI results in knowledge or making your system intelligent .

Machine Learning

  • Machine learning is a subdomain of artificial intelligence. Machine learning uses mathematical and statistical ways to extract information from data, and with that information ml tries to guess the unknown.
  • It is based on system of probability .
  • The idea behind ML is teaching computers to understand and think what human wants to do . For example , While typing in mail or normal mobile sms , ML will think and understand what human wants to write or do , depending on that time will be consumed more and less efforts to do imperative tasks .
  • ML results in data to extract information .

3. Which types of artificial intelligence applications are being used in cyber security solutions?

It is up to human imagination. For the sake of clarity, following application categories can be examined:

  • Spam Filter Applications (spamassassin)
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Fraud detection
  • Credit scoring and next-best offers
  • Botnet Detection
  • Secure User Authentication
  • Cyber security Ratings
  • Hacking Incident Forecasting

4. How can AI play a huge role in Cyber Security ?

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Currently, AI has already entered fields like healthcare, manufacturing, education and cyber security. Cyber security is the main concern for today’s digital world, there are still uncertainties about the impact

Of course AI can be used to detect cyber attacks. There are plenty of academic researches about detecting cyber attacks using artificial intelligence. The success rate of those researches varies between 85% and 99%.

In the last few years, in addition to academic researches, some products have been improved to detect cyber attacks with the help of artificial intelligence like DarkTrace. DarkTrace claims to have more than 99% of success rate and it also has a very low rate of false positives. For more details, you can check the company’s website .

With the advancements in AI, many companies have started to use it as a powerful weapon against the malicious cyber attacks and trespasses. AI allows you to automate the detection of threat and combat even without the involvement of the humans. Powering your data to stay more secure than ever. Since AI is totally machine language driven, it assures you complete error-free cyber-security services. Moreover, companies have also started to put more resources than ever for boosting AI driven technologies.

AI depends on the 5 major elements to enhance cyber security

  1. Conversation: This relates to the importance and value of paired and/or group conversations. Such conversations create the space for change, identify possible opportunities, and lay the foundations for collaboration and creativity.
  2. Cooperation: This recognises the importance of working together throughout the AI process, using the whole system to create a common future path. It means ensuring all voices and ideas are heard and that the vision for the future is ‘owned by all’. Cooperation lays the foundations for co-production – a vital element, especially of the design and destiny stages.
  3. Co-creation: This refers to collectively identifying the future vision, sharing ideas, and using imagination to develop the future intentions, and provocative propositions or future frameworks.
  4. Co-design: This is about encouraging prototyping, co-production and ‘design thinking’, based on the intentions that emerged from the Dream stage. It engages everyone in creating the arrangements for Delivery and Destiny stages.
  5. Continuation: This recognises that it’s an ongoing process of building on the intentions, supporting the actions and frameworks developed, trusting the system, encouraging reflective learning and evaluation and supporting flexibility and agility. Continuation includes embedding these five vital elements as the future normIt also includes celebrating the successes.


Cybersecurity is NOT just an information technology department or people in the same department problem or responsibility. It is the job of every employee and even customers of the organisation. As per google search engine, identities are being stolen online every 3 seconds 24/7. So what are we doing, how can we protect it? GDPR makes it even more relevant. There are organization; which has suffered the cyber attacks, about to suffer and may have suffered but don’t know. To find better answers on this we need AI techniques to get over this. Understanding the Relationship Between AI or science that can imitate human beings and Cybersecurity that is an essential need for all is the key to success in business today.

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