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5 original promotional products in high demand

annil chauhan
5 original promotional products in high demand

Advertising products are an invariable component of the marketing strategy of any company. They are in great demand at almost every moment of a presentation or business promotion: when distributing on the streets, during conferences, open days, presentations, etc.

But while standard promotional items (pens, calendars, mugs, caps, etc.), for all their demand, filled a sore mouth with the average person, those that were in great demand by everyone who fell into their hands appeared on the market. And here, as we know, the most important thing is that the product is in plain sight, useful and bring pleasure to its owner. Here are five interesting and, importantly, inexpensive promotional products that will be popular with their new owners.

1. USB flash drives

USB-drives are small devices with which you can store and transfer valuable digital data: documents, photos, presentations, video materials, Badoo sign in login, etc. People use flash drives both at home and in the office, which makes them a great option for choosing them as promotional items. And if we take into account that from year to year their cost tends to decrease (with an increase in memory), then they become not only convenient but also a fairly cheap means of promoting the brand.

2. Eco-friendly bags

Reusable bags made from environmentally friendly materials are a great way to not only increase brand awareness but also to establish yourself as a company that cares about the ecology of the planet (and this, as we know, is very fashionable now). People will not only be happy to use such a bag but also unobtrusively make your advertisements every time they go shopping. The logo on such a product will be seen by hundreds and even thousands of people, which means that hundreds and thousands of people at a second meeting with your company will perceive it as a familiar, well-known, therefore, they will be more loyal to the brand. Also, these bags are still very durable, which makes investing in their production and distribution an excellent contribution with a high degree of return quite long in time.

3. Car chargers

In the age of modern technology, a person becomes dependent on his phone, whose battery, as a rule, does not withstand constant loads and quickly discharges or discharges at the most inopportune moment. You can bet on this not always the convenient quality of smartphones, and use branded car chargers as promotional products. They can be either an individual configuration for a particular phone manufacturer (here you will have to rely on the most popular brands) or more universal ones with a USB output. The latter is the most successful option, since they expand the scope of their use and make it possible to charge not only mobile phones (if the owner has a USB cable, of course), but also other devices with a similar configuration of the charging slot: music players, portable flashlights, e-books, camera batteries, watches, tablets and more. When applying the company logo to a prominent place of such an adapter, everyone who uses it in the car to charge their gadget will see the logo and be very grateful for such a convenient, and sometimes a simple irreplaceable gift.

4. Water bottle

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are more popular than ever. And they are closely associated with the absorption of a sufficient amount of drinking water. Putting your logo on a reusable water bottle is a great idea for those who are looking for an original, cheap and effective way to appeal to everyone. Moreover, in addition to the owner, everyone who is close to the user will see and appreciate it. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the material: it is better to give preference to steel, aluminum or high-quality polycarbonate for food.

5. Lip balm

Admit, now you are surprised at the idea. There is practically not a single person who would not use lip balm. And if someone does not use it, it is only because there is no time to think about such a purchase. This is surprisingly cheap and, most importantly, a universal advertising tool. It can be perfumed or completely odorless, designed to nourish, moisturize or protect the lips from ultraviolet radiation. It can be used in winter and summer, for men and women. Put your logo on the cap, and the owner of such a thing will remember you with pleasure with each use case.

As you can see, even with a fairly limited budget, you can come up with something more interesting than banal pocket calendars or t-shirts Pubg wallpaper.

annil chauhan
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